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Cute DIY Mother’s Day Cards

When we were little, our moms never wanted us to buy them anything for Mother’s Day. Instead, they’d ask us to make them something because they loved the idea of being able to keep things that we created ourselves throughout the years as keepsakes. As we got older, however, we saw the sentimental value in handmade and DIY gifts as well, so we never stopped making our moms lovely Mother’s Day cards in all different designs.

Just in case you also love to make cards for your mom rather than buying them one at the store, here are 15 wonderfully creative Mother’s Day card ideas that she’ll be ecstatic to receive! The best part is you can get your kids involved on these ideas too, because Mother’s Day is also a great time to celebrate Grandma.

1. Daisy chain flower pot card

Daisy chain flower pot card

Have you always loved going through old pictures and photos and using them in your crafting projects whenever you can? Then you’re going to love this potted daisy chain idea from KareWares! Their tutorial shows you how to string some pretty paper flowers along a string that pops out of a little pot made form a paper pocket that says “Happy Mother’s Day”. What’s the best part, you ask? The part where they included cute pictures in the centre of the flowers along the chain, of course!

2. Washi tape stripes card

Wash tape stripes card

Is your mom a huge fan of colours and patterns and you know that, given a choice, she always picks the most visually interesting option possible in just about any scenario? Then making her a card from one simple piece of paper won’t necessarily be the best style option for her! Our mom has a colourful personality like that too, so we were pretty happy when we found this awesome washi tape stripes idea from Oh So Very Pretty. You might use washi tape to make yourself a cool repeating pattern down the front of the card or you might just make every single strip another awesome shade and design for maximum detail.

3. Pop-up flower card

Pop up flower card

Adding pop ups to a homemade card makes everything just a little bit more exciting no matter the occasion. We think 3D popping flowers are an especially fun thing to open a card and discover! When we were younger and still living at home, we’d get our Mom a bouquet of flowers every year on Mother’s Day but now that we live in another city, it’s easier to send a card that just has flowers on or in it instead. This is a great, long-lasting alternative to the real thing! Check out how the flowers are made on Martha Stewart.

4. String heart cards

String heart cards

Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who really likes it when the things you make actually look and crafted and DIY rather than looking like perfect replications of things you might buy in a store? Then making your mom a Mother’s Day card that involves a little bit of unique crafting skill might be a better idea than just a cut and paste project! We love the way Hello Wonderful used their embroidery skills to create an adorable woven yarn heart that was clearly made with love.