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15 Mojito Recipes To Shake Up The Weekend

Classic mojitos are one of the most popular cocktails around. But there are more ways than one to make them. With a bit of fruity flavors – and never forgetting the fresh mint – trying out all of the different variations can be a fun task to take on. Check out these 15 mojito recipes that will certainly shake up the weekend and your taste buds too.

1. Classic Rum

Mojito cocktail recipe

Inspired Taste starts us off with a classic, rum mojito. If you’re just learning how to bartend for your friends and family, this is definitely a recipe that you’ll want to have up your sleeve. It’s a great way to top off neighborhood potlucks and Mexican fiestas as well. Just don’t forget the fresh garnish.

2. Fresh Blueberry

Blueberry mojito recipe

Some of us love blueberries though. And trust us, they’re quite delicious when used in our favorite, cool cocktail. If you want to visit Inspired Taste just one more time, you’ll be able to snag all the yummy details behind this mix. Girls’ night just got a bit better.

3. Non-Alcoholic

Mojito non alcoholic drink recipe

Life! Straight Up gives us a recipe for a nonalcoholic mojito that’s an absolute must for all of your entertaining needs. Not everyone at the party or shower will want alcohol – and others may not even be able to have it. But, with a recipe like this you can serve up sweet sips to any and everyone on the guest list.

4. Peach

Peach rum mojito recipe

Peach rum is a nice addition to a mojito as well. And thanks to The Cocktail Project you can learn how to focus the drink around its inclusion. Make it an even more summertime treat by adding in the classic, summertime fruit to the mix.

5. Pineapple

Pineapple mojito recipe