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Simple and Modern DIY Wind Chime

If you’re looking for a tutorial for a traditional set of wind chimes, this isn’t it – this is a fun, super modern take on the classic. Instead of making a ringing sound, it makes more of a high pitched rumbling noise (and it looks really cool, too!) It’s sure to elicit some compliments from your friends. Keep reading to check out the tutorial.

DIY Wind Chime

Modern wind chimes 1

Here’s what you’ll need for your modern DIY wind chime:

  • 6″x10′ Aluminum Flashing
  • Tin snips
  • Awl
  • Hook and nut
  • Hammer (not pictured)

How to build a DIY Wind Chime:

Modern wind chimes 2

Step 1: Cutting the aluminum

First, begin by cutting four pieces of aluminum flashing (which can be found in the rain gutter repair section of your home improvement store). The piecesshould be 16″, 22″, 28″ and 34″ long. The tin snips should cut through the material easily.

Modern wind chimes 3

Step 2: folding process

Next, fold each piece of flashing in half lengthwise as shown above.

Modern wind chimes 4

Step 3: Add the awl

Unfold them and align all of the creases together. Place a cardboard box or piece of scrap wood underneath. Position the awl in the middle of the crease and use a hammer to hit the awl into the flashing and all the way through all four layers.

Modern wind chimes 5

Step 4: Hanging

Screw the hook through the hole and secure the nut on the underside so that everything is held together snugly. Adjust the aluminum pieces a bit so they are evenly separated. They’ll make a fun noise when you flap them back and forth. Hang it outside and wait for a windy day to come along!

Modern wind chimes 9

It has almost a mid-century modern sort of feel to it, with the unique shape and the metallic finish. And the mobility of the aluminum is just so fun!

Modern wind chimes 7

It has a sculptural feel that is sure to be a conversation starter the next time you have a dinner party! Happy crafting everyone.

Modern wind chimes 8

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