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Can You Freeze Meringue Cookies? Here’s How You Can Do This Right

Mmm, meringue cookies! Yummy! If you love them as much as we do, especially around the holidays, you need to figure out the biggest problem – what to do with all the extras. Certainly it has happened to you too – you make too many and are unable to eat them all before they go bad. How about you freeze your meringue cookies?

Can you freeze meringue cookies

One thing we love doing is making sure we don’t waste food and time and money, so often times that’s done by freezing up our extra portions. Thankfully, freezing meringue cookies is something that will work just fine.

Can You Freeze Meringue Cookies?

If you love meringue cookies as much as we do, you’re probably looking at some solutions too. One of our readers sent us a message regarding them, which is actually what got us to write this article out for you. Here’s the message we received:

I enjoy holiday baking, but I like to spread it out over several weekends to make it more manageable. I have a large family who all come to visit, as well as many friends and coworkers I gift my baking to over the holidays. This year I’m adding a new type of cookie to my regular baking- meringue cookies. I found a really simple and delicious recipe that I can bake up in festive colours, and I’m excited to add them to my holiday baking tradition. The thing is, I’m not sure if I can make them ahead of time. Most of my holiday cookies freeze really well, so I just wrap them up and pop them in the freezer. I want to know if I can bake these in advance. Can you freeze meringue cookies?

Meringue cookies sound like a fantastic addition to any holiday baking tradition. Meringue cookies are pretty to look at, and are perfect for the sweet tooth in your family. Fortunately, they also freeze really well. The biggest issue to contend with when freezing meringue cookies is damage caused by being moved around in the freezer since they are so fragile. For this reason, freezing them in freezer bags is probably not the best option.

How to Freeze Meringue Cookies?

How to freeze meringue cookies

Before you jump at the chance of freezing your meringue cookies, we need to set down some ground rules. Here are the steps to get the best results:

  • To freeze meringue cookies, start with freshly baked cookies. The longer they sit, the drier they will become in the freezer.
  • Also, cookies should be completely cooled to avoid changing consistency and taste in the freezer.
  • I recommend freezing meringue cookies in freezer-safe hard-sided cookie tins or cookie boxes.
  • It’s not necessary to wrap each cookie individually, particularly if they are small ones, but you can if you prefer.
  • Place the meringue cookies in a single layer at the bottom of the freezer-safe container.
  • Then, place a layer of parchment paper over top, cut to size.
  • Continue layering cookies this way, careful not to press down, until the container is full.
  • Place the lid on the container, then label and date it. Cookies stored this way will stay fresh for months.

How to Keep Meringue Cookies for Longer?

One way you can ensure that your meringue cookies can last for a long time in the freezer is to use a food saver. These appliances can suck up all the air from the freezer bags or containers, thus ensuring that the food is not affected and that the flavors stay intact.

We use the FoodSaver V4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealer Machine and it does wonders! It works with bags AND containers so you can save a lot of types of ingredients and full dishes. It will save you time and money!

How to Thaw Meringue Cookies?

How to thaw meringue cookies

Now that we figured out how to freeze the meringue cookies, we have to also figure out how to thaw them out, especially since they’re so fragile. Turns out, it’s not a very complicated thing to do.

  • To thaw frozen meringue cookies, remove the container from the freezer and allow the cookies to thaw undisturbed on the counter for several hours, until thawed completely.
  • Cookies can then be served as normal.
  • Store uneaten cookies in an airtight container for up to a week.

It is not recommended to refreeze previously frozen meringue cookies.

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