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Sweet and Satisfying Marzipan Recipes

Whether you like its texture, versatility, or sweet almond flavour best, it’s hard to deny that marzipan is an absolutely delicious treat! We’ve certainly purchased some delicious marzipan before that we very much enjoyed, but we’re also the kind of enthusiastic DIY lovers that always feel more accomplished when we’ve made something ourselves, no matter what it is. Marzipan is no exception to that! We’ve already got some experience making a number of things from smooth, well flavoured marzipan, but we’re still always on the lookout for new things we’ve never tried before because we love learning new ways to enjoy our favourite treats.

Do you love marzipan just about as much as we do, if not more, so you’re also open to the idea of learning how to make new marzipan based treats? Check out these 15 super awesome ideas, recipes, and tutorials that we came across in our search!

1. Easy homemade marzipan and almond paste

Easy homemade marzipan and almond paste

Have you actually never made marzipan before but you know that you really love eating it and it’s something you’d absolutely learn and master so you can make the same kinds of beautiful things you’ve seen in stores and bakeries, only at home? Then we’d suggest taking a look at Daring Gourmet as the place to start!

2. Delicate marzipan vegetables

Delicate marzipan vegetables

Are you quite skilled at the base marzipan already and now you’re just hoping to learn more about making shapes and perfecting the details of the decorative marzipan things you want to make? Then it sounds like you’re in need of a straight forward tutorial that will help you master some shape making basics. That’s precisely what Thirsty For Tea offers you in the process of teaching you how to make a range of adorable little marzipan vegetables. They even show you how to get your colours right!

3. Vegan marzipan truffles

Vegan marzipan truffles

Besides loving marzipan based treats, are you also a huge lover of truffles of all kinds? Well, particularly if you like to have a few recipes up your sleeve that are friendly to all of your friends’ dietary restrictions? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a better look at how this recipe from Lazy Cat Kitchen outlines the process for making vegan marzipan truffles that are covered in melted dark chocolate and sprinkled with a crushed almond topping.

4. Homemade almond joy

Homemade almond joy

Are you actually such a huge fan of almonds and all things almond flavoured that you’re always snacking on different almond treats, and that’s made you a huge lover of the almond joy bars you can buy in stores? Well, as a DIY lover, we think you’ll get a real kick out of the way Smitten Kitchen teaches you step by step how to make your very own homemade version!