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15 Fun Makeup Tutorials Using Glitter

Oftentimes when we search for new makeup tutorials, we’re looking for classy looks that we can use on date night or subtle looks to help us get that everyday wear face. Occasionally, though, we get the opportunity to go out and really go wild with our look, meaning we can do whatever makeup we want! Naturally, being DIY and crafting enthusiasts means that glitter has a special place in our hearts, despite how utterly messy it is to work with. You might have guessed, then, that glitter also has a special place in our hearts when it comes to fun, extra creative makeup.

Check out these 15 amazingly (and surprisingly easy) makeup tutorials that will show you everything you need to know about creating stunning makeup looks using all kinds and colours of glitter!

1. Holographic silver and a black crease

Holographic silver and a black crease

If there’s one especially trendy thing right now that we might love just as much as we love glitter itself, then it’s holographic things. Imagine how excited we were, then, when we came across this tutorial for a makeup look using holographic glitter! Of course we’ll take the opportunity to cover our entire lids in something so wonderful and eye catching that it looks otherworldly. We love the way Chrisspy contrasts the glitter with a dark, quite solid crease that, even though it’s blended at the edges, gives the shining eye some definition.

2. Silver glitter, rhinestones, and a purple smokey crease

Silver glitter, rhinestones, and a purple smokey crease

Is your glitter not quite as eye catching as the holographic stuff you see above, but you still want to make your look as attention grabbing as possible? Then create a similar eye shape with silver glitter all across the lid, a nice dark crease (we’re always here for purple), and a dramatic winged liner, but take things to the next level with rhinestones! Musely shows you how to carefully cover your lid and the inner corner of your eye with little sparkling stones using safe cosmetic adhesive.

3. Light pink and white glitter lid

Light pink and white glitter lid

Do you love the idea of a completely sparkled lid but you’d rather a lighter look that’s a little less intense around the crease area? Then check out this tutorial using white, light pink, or opalescent glitters and a blended crease instead! We love the way Pretty Designs lets the shadows and glitter sort of fade out from the lid in a light smattering. Add some little white or opalescent rhinestones at the inner and outer corners if you’re feeling really fancy.

4. Edgy glitter tears

Edgy glitter tears

Are you the kind of creative makeup lover and glitter addict who would rather use your sparkling makeup opportunities as a chance to get a little more wild and messy rather than keeping your glitter defined and controlled? Then check out the way jordanhanz created this unique glitter tears! You might not wear this look to work or school, but we don’t see a problem with letting people know just how sparkly you feel on the inside at your next birthday party.