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DIY Boho Leather Earrings

Summer is officially here and the boho vibes are in the air and everywhere! Craft yourself the perfect bohemian earrings in minutes and save yourself some money. This jewelry piece displays a beautiful leather fringe and dangling charms– certainly a statement piece to spice up any wardrobe.

Diy boho leather earrings

Diy boho leather earrings supplies

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • 2″ hoop
  • Jump rings
  • Earring fishhook
  • Leather lace chord
  • Jewelry pliers
  • 2 Jewelry charms

Diy boho leather earrings cut strands of the leather

STEP 1: Cut 6 strands of the leather lace chord each piece measuring 5 inches.

Diy boho leather earrings leather

STEP2:  Attach a piece of leather chord to the hoop by creating a larks knot- Fold the chord and place it under the hoop, the folded area should be a the bottom and the ends at the top. Bring both ends over the brass, heading downward. Then pass them under the folded area and pull firmly.

Diy boho leather earrings pieces of leather

STEP 3: Repeat the same steps and attach 3 pieces of leather chord on each hoop. Make sure each knot is secure and tight.

Diy boho leather earrings open the jump ring

STEP 4:Open the jump ring and place it around the hoop, then take the charm and place it inside the open jump ring.

Diy boho leather earrings jump ring

STEP 5: Before closing the jump ring, take the end of the earring fish hook and place it through the ring. Once you have all three pieces inside the jump ring, take the pliers and carefully close the jump ring.

Diy boho leather earrings hanging

STEP 6: Do the same exact steps with the second earring and make sure everything is secure.

Viola! In minutes you got yourself some gorgeous handmade boho earrings.Get creative with colors and charms, also this piece looks great as a necklace! Happy Crafting!