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Make Some Macrame Magic With These Incredible DIYs

There’s something really special about these textural, boho-inspired designs. They’re right on trend and can easily create a welcoming, stylistic ethos inside your personal space. From the walls to the tabletops, there are numerous ways to incorporate these materials. And with some guidance, you can handmake some of our favorite finds. Make some macrame magic with these incredible DIYs below!

1. Planters

Macrame hanging planters diy

Brit + Co starts us off with these easy-to-create macrame plant hangers. We love the pops of color and how they add some extra bohemian style to the nooks of your home. It’s a wonderful way to personalize your green thumb too.

2. Mirror Hanger

Diy boho macrame mirror wall hanging

Here’s some more macrame magic that adds a bit of extra style to an everyday item. Your mirrors can be hung in a new way with some help from Made In A Day. It’s much better than using traditional frames.

3. Feathers

Diy macrame feathers

These feathers are stunning and can be used to accent your home in so many ways. Add them to a gallery wall or on the table tops. Learn how to whip some up at Honestly WTF.

4. Bunting

Macrame bunting diy

There’s even macrame bunting that you can learn how to make thanks to Wool Couture. How sweet would this be on a mantle or inside a nursery? And the mauve tone really adds a delicate texture to the finished product.

5. On A Branch

Macrame wall hanging diy