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Yummy Low Carb Breakfast Recipes

If we’re being totally honest with you, we’rehuge foodies. It’s not often that we deprive ourselves of a meal if we’re really craving something, but sometimes in the summer we like to keep things as calorie conscious as possible if we’ve purchased a bathing suit we really like and want to look our best in. Lately, we’ve been finding that we’ve been the most successful in that endeavour if we eat as few carbohydrates as possible! We have the most difficulty staying low carb in the morning because we’re big fans of baked goods, so we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for delicious breakfast recipes that will follow suit!

1. Low carb big breakfast

Lo carb big breakfast

Are you the kind of person who simplyadores eating a big, hearty breakfast in the morning before you start a busy day but you’ve been hesitating because it doesn’t seem like the healthiest idea in the world? Then we think you’ll be rather pleased indeed to see howDitch The Carbs made made this completely carb free big breakfast that has everything else you love!

2. Low carb breakfast wraps

Low carb breakfeast wraps

Are you the kind of breakfast lover who enjoys nothing more than a deliciously filled breakfast wrap but you know that even pita wraps are technically carbs and you’re really trying to eliminate them all together? Then we’ddefinitely suggest taking a look at the wayDelish made these scrumptious alternatives that are wrapped in thin egg white instead!

3. 90-second low carb quick bread

90 second low carb quick bread

Perhaps you’ve actually been having a little bit of trouble eliminating carbs from your diet all together because you’re justsuch a bread lover but you’re also feeling intent on eating as little as possible? Then we think you simplymust take a look at howStep Away From the Carbs made this “quick bread” carb alternative that- we promise- actually only takes 90 second to make!

4. Avocado and chicken sausage egg wraps

Avocado and chicken sausage egg wraps

Did we actually really catch your attention when we started talking about delicious breakfast wraps that use egg instead of pita but you’re also a big meat lover and you’re looking for a recipe that might still let you enjoy sausages, since that’s your favourite part of a continental breakfast? In that case, we think you’ll get along a little better with the wayA Spicy Perspective made these mouthwatering avocado and chicken sausage egg wraps that are full of flavour.

5. Low carb microwave faux Danish

Low carb microwave faux danish

Rather than large continental breakfasts being the thing you’re looking for a carb free alternative for, are you a huge lover of baked goods and you’re scrolling through looking for a way to make your favourite danishes a little more diet friendly for the summer? In that case, we’dabsolutely suggest taking a look at how Step Away From the Carbs made these low carb microwave faux danishes instead! Fill them with whatever fruit you please, but we’re pretty fond of the cherry filling you see here.

6. Low carb breakfast hash

Low carb breakfast hash

Have you always been extremely fond of breakfast dishes that are based on potatoes, like hash browns, home fries, and skillets, but you know those aren’t low carb? Well, if you’re a big fan of vegetables like we are then weabsolutely think you’ll be intrigued to see the wayLow Carb with Jennifer made this mouthwatering low carb breakfast hash by replacing the potatoes with chopped and roasted vegetables!

7. Low carb pancakes

Low carb pancakes

Breakfast wraps and baked goods aren’t the only kinds of breakfast you can make in a more low carb way than you normally would! We’ve actually been pretty obsessed lately with this recipe fromStep Away From the Carbs that teaches you how to make thin low carb pancakes in place of the usual fluffy ones you might be used to. It’s notquite the same as making crepes, but they do taste just as good!

8. Western style breakfast burritos

Western stylw breakfast burritos

Perhaps you’re still looking at our list and thinking about how much you love the idea of making a delicious breakfast wrap but you’re not sure you like the idea of replacing the whole wrap itself with egg, since you’re not restricting yourselfquite that hard? Then we think you might get along a little bit better with the wayKim’s Cravings used regular pitas to make theirs but chose whole wheat based ones for a little extra health value.

9. Cauliflower hash brown egg cups

Hasbrown egg cups

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about hash brow ideas but you’re still looking for alternatives for potatoes that will help you make something delicious and unique? Then we’ddefinitely suggest taking a look at howCafe Delites made these fantastic hash brown eggcups that were made with cauliflower instead of potatoes for a little extra low carb action!

10. Ricotta avocado toasted with poached egg

Ricotta avocado toasted with poached egg

Are you quite fine with having a little bit of bread in your meal but you’d prefer to make other choices elsewhere in your meal, so you’re looking for low carb meals that will still fill you up for the day? In that case, we think you simplymust take a look at the wayJoyful Healthy Eats made this unbelievably simple and delicious ricotta avocado toast with a poached egg.

11. 6-ingredient sausage potato pie

6 ingredient sausage potato pie

Okay, we know we’re supposed to be avoiding carbs and this next recipedoes involve potatoes, but it’s still a lower carb option than most classic full breakfasts in the grand scheme of things, so we like to make it every once in a while! Take a better look atPinch of Yum to see how this 6-ingredient sausage potato pie was made.

12. Peanut butter and jelly chia pudding

Peanut butter and kelly chia pudding

Perhaps you’e always been more of a slightly sweet breakfast lover than a salty, continental breakfast fan, so you’ve been scrolling through our list hoping to find something low carb like that? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest checking out howMinimalist Baker guides you step by step through this delicious peanut butter and jelly chia pudding. You can top it with any kind of berry or fruit you please, but we tried it with blueberries like you see here and wehighly recommend it!

13. Open face omelet with tomatoes and feta

Open face omelet with tomatos and feta

Is your very favourite kind of low carb meal actually a salad but you’re pretty sure that’s a slightly weird thing to make for breakfast? Well, it’s not if you pair it with some egg like an open faced omelet! This one topped with spinach, tomatoes, and feta cheese is the perfect example of what we mean. Get more details onSkinny Taste!

14. 4-ingredient seaside paleo breakfast salad

4 ingredient seaside paleo breakfast salad

Are you actually a massive seafood lover but you don’t often find seafood based breakfast dishes that you really like? Then we’re very pleased indeed to show you this unique recipe that’s not only made with precisely what you’re looking for, but is also low carb!Eating Bird Food shows you how to make this 4-ingredient seaside paleo breakfast salad in just a few simple steps.

15. Coconut lemon chia seed muffins

Coconut lemon chia seed muffins

Perhaps you’ve actually been scrolling through our list dreaming about all the baked goods you love eating for breakfast but knowing that they’re certainlynot carb free? Well, if you like the taste of lemon baking especially, then we have a feeling these low carb coconut lemon chia seed muffins from The Iron You might be right up your alley!

Do you have another favourite low carb breakfast recipe that’s always a big hit in your house but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to the recipe so we can give it a try too!

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