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Lovely Crochet Patterns for Summer

As lifelong avid yarn crafters, we fully understand that most people think skills like crochet and knitting are things that should solely be done in the winter. Because so much of crochet is done with thick, warm, cozy wool, we’re not surprised that people are often shocked to find out that there are countless crochet projects out there that are actually meant for the summer specifically! Because there are so many ways to create light, lacy fabrics that are actually quite airy, some of our very favourite crocheted garments are actually things that we’d wear in the summer to keep cool and stylish at once, making it one of our very favourite seasons to crochet for.

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the concept of summer crochet patterns as we were originally, if not more, but you feel like you could use some guidance when it comes to patterns and design ideas, here are 15 of our very favourite things to crochet when the weather is warm!

1. Crocheted beach tunic

Crocheted beach tunic

Wearing something made of yarn on the beach might never have occurred to you before, but yarn crafted beach dresses and bathing suit covers have actually always been our favourites! If you make them out of something light and washable like cotton, especially in a light, airy pattern, you’re guaranteed to stay cool even when you’re covered. Besides that, those kinds of yarns dry well, so you don’t have to avoid putting your cover up over a wet bathing suit. Check out how surprisingly simple this fantastic tunic pattern from Pattern Paradise is!

2. “Topcho” easy crochet shirt

Topcho easy crochet shirt

Are you very interested indeed in the idea of crocheted summer wear but you think you’d rather start with a garment that’s a little less of a commitment than an entire dress sized cover up? Then perhaps you’d rather make a simple t-shirt instead! We can’t get over how much we love this easy but still visually interesting crochet pattern from Mama In a Stitch because the minimalist construction of the shirt gives you more attention for fun stitch patterns.

3. Textures crop top

Textures crop top

If you’re going to go to the trouble of making yourself a DIY shirt from scratch this summer, would you rather make it something funky and unique that you definitely wouldn’t wear during other seasons throughout the year? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Cre8tion Crochet made this fantastic crop top that will look good included in just about any outfit. We also can’t get over how much we love their use of bright striping colours! Of course, the top would also look good in a solid or neutral colour scheme, but we’re fond of the rainbow effect the original one was made in.

4. Pretty striped Garden tank top

Pretty striped garden tank top

Perhaps you’re a slightly more experienced crochet enthusiast and you’re feeling like you might be ready to tackle a crocheted clothing design that involves unique construction shape, fun stitching patterns, and colour changes all in one place? In that case, you simply must take a look at how Pattern Paradise created this fantastic striped tank top pattern! We like that you might dress this look up or keep it casual and it’ll look just as awesome either way.