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Lovely Crochet Patterns for Summer

As lifelong avid yarn crafters, we fully understand that most people think skills like crochet and knitting are things that should solely be done in the winter. Because so much of crochet is done with thick, warm, cozy wool, we’re not surprised that people are often shocked to find out that there are countless crochet projects out there that are actually meant for the summer specifically! Because there are so many ways to create light, lacy fabrics that are actually quite airy, some of our very favourite crocheted garments are actually things that we’d wear in the summer to keep cool and stylish at once, making it one of our very favourite seasons to crochet for.

Just in case you’re as intrigued by the concept of summer crochet patterns as we were originally, if not more, but you feel like you could use some guidance when it comes to patterns and design ideas, here are 15 of our very favourite things to crochet when the weather is warm!

1. Crocheted beach tunic

Crocheted beach tunic

Wearing something made of yarn on the beach might never have occurred to you before, but yarn crafted beach dresses and bathing suit covers have actually always been our favourites! If you make them out of something light and washable like cotton, especially in a light, airy pattern, you’re guaranteed to stay cool even when you’re covered. Besides that, those kinds of yarns dry well, so you don’t have to avoid putting your cover up over a wet bathing suit. Check out how surprisingly simple this fantastic tunic pattern from Pattern Paradise is!

2. “Topcho” easy crochet shirt

Topcho easy crochet shirt

Are you very interested indeed in the idea of crocheted summer wear but you think you’d rather start with a garment that’s a little less of a commitment than an entire dress sized cover up? Then perhaps you’d rather make a simple t-shirt instead! We can’t get over how much we love this easy but still visually interesting crochet pattern from Mama In a Stitch because the minimalist construction of the shirt gives you more attention for fun stitch patterns.

3. Textures crop top

Textures crop top

If you’re going to go to the trouble of making yourself a DIY shirt from scratch this summer, would you rather make it something funky and unique that you definitely wouldn’t wear during other seasons throughout the year? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Cre8tion Crochet made this fantastic crop top that will look good included in just about any outfit. We also can’t get over how much we love their use of bright striping colours! Of course, the top would also look good in a solid or neutral colour scheme, but we’re fond of the rainbow effect the original one was made in.

4. Pretty striped Garden tank top

Pretty striped garden tank top

Perhaps you’re a slightly more experienced crochet enthusiast and you’re feeling like you might be ready to tackle a crocheted clothing design that involves unique construction shape, fun stitching patterns, and colour changes all in one place? In that case, you simply must take a look at how Pattern Paradise created this fantastic striped tank top pattern! We like that you might dress this look up or keep it casual and it’ll look just as awesome either way.

5. Flowing Claire vest

Shot with dxo one camera

Are you the kind of person who loves summer more than anything but who also tends to get a little chilly the second the breeze picks up, even on a warm day? Then it only makes sense that you’d want to make yourself some kind of light outer layer, just in case! We love the way Kristino M Dahl crocheted this fantastically flowy scalloped looking vest that will give you a little bit of coverage without feeling too smothered by the fact that you’re wearing yarn wares.

6. Festive fringe crop top

Festive fringe crop top

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about crocheted and striped rainbow crop tops but your personal style is actually even more full of personality and bright colour than what you saw there? In that case, we have a feeling you might get along a little better with this super fun fringed crop design outlined step by step on Be A Crafter! You can make the fringe as long or short as you please and the style will still be just as fun as the one you see in the photo.

7. Spirit of Summer crocheted shawl

Spirit of summer crocheted shawl

Perhaps the design we’ve shown you so far that held your attention the best was the vest because you like the idea of having a lacy outer layer to put on without getting too hot on a warm day, but you’re just not actually convinced that you’d really wear a vest as often as you might think? Then perhaps you’d get along better just making yourself an actual shawl style wrap instead! Here’s one of our favourite summer patterns to gift to friends and family members when we crochet in the summer, courtesy of Crafts From The Cwtch.

8. Lex haltered crop top

Lex haltered crop top

If you’re going to make yourself a crocheted crop top from scratch, would you rather make one that’s a little more neutral in its colouring so you can match it with more things? Well, just because you’re working with less colour doesn’t mean the piece can’t still be stylish! We love the way By Hand London designed this crop top to have a decorative edge and halter style cut at the neck, making the simple colour almost more appealing than variegated or multicoloured alternatives.

9.  Boho chic crocheted lace blouse

Boho chic crocheted lace blouse

Perhaps you’re actually very good at crochet and you’re looking for a summer garment that will really challenge you, so you’d love to make something very long and lacy? Then we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Andreia Lessa created this absolutely stunning Boho chic inspired blouse that hangs off one shoulder in a stylish, relaxed way. We could picture this piece belted in the middle or worn over a simple slip dress in a contrasting colour so the other shade peeks through the lace pattern of the blouse.

10. Crocheted light and airy poncho

Crocheted light and airy poncho

If you’re going to make something lacy or meshy to wear over a dress in the summer like a stylish outer layer, would you prefer to create a poncho because they’ve always been one of your favourite garments? We actually love ponchos too because, depending on the style you make them in, you can actually wear them all year round! One of our favourite poncho patterns, however, is this summery fringed one from Free Patterns.

11. Free Spirited Diva crocheted summer pants

Funky crocheted summer pants

If you’re going to make yourself something entirely crocheted from scratch would you actually prefer to create something especially unique that you definitely know you won’t find in stores this season? In that case, as long as you’re feeling up for the challenge of a very large project indeed, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Crochet Patterns To Try guides you through the stitches for these fantastically lacy looking flared lounge pants! As if the pattern itself isn’t enough to entice you, the name “Free Spirited Diva Pants” is so fun that it just might be what convinces you.

12. Delicate crocheted floral headband

Delicate crocheted floral headband

When you sat down and decided to search for things that you could make this summer with your crochet hook, did you actually have something a lot smaller in mind? Well, we can’t say we blame you; we love working with yarn straight through the year no matter the season, but we also know that making something larger that drapes across your lap can make for some very overheated afternoons indeed. That’s why we were so pleased to come across this adorable summer blossom crocheted hairband pattern from All Free DIY Weddings. It’s the perfect mini project to keep you knotting even through the hottest days without making yourself uncomfortable (plus, it’s completely adorable).

13. Summer Air tank top

Summer air tank top

Were you quite interested in the simple pattern we showed you in the neutrally coloured simple t-shirt design that was featured earlier on our list but you come from a place that’s very warm in the summer indeed and you think you’d rather make yourself a thank top instead? Then here’s an alternative pattern from Be A Crafter that will help you make the necessary adjustments to get exactly what you’re picturing! They’ve alternated colours in awesome, chunky stripes, but you could also very easily make this in a solid colour all the way down.

14. Fancy crocheted flip flop covers

Fancy crocheted flip flop covers

Just in case we caught your attention when we started talking about mini projects but the flower hairband just isn’t quite your style and you don’t think you’ll wear it enough to make it worth making, here’s another smaller idea that you’ll have finished in basically no time! Cre8tion Crochet guides you step by step through the process of making a pair of cutely detailed flip flop covers that tie right onto the straps of your favourite plain flip flops in order to jazz them up a little.

15. Boho tassel bag

Boho tassel bag

We’ve already shown you a number of fringed, tasseled, and Boho chic inspired patterns but what if you really came into this search hoping to find some accessories to crochet rather than making yourself an entire blouse or shirt, even if that’s precisely the style you’re looking for? In that case, we think we might have found just the pattern for you! Check out how Persia Lou created a cute little flap-closing purse with a pretty scalloped edging and some very fun tassels form the closing edge and the bottom.

Do you have another favourite summer crochet pattern that you’ve made several times and always love doing but that you don’t see on our list? Tell us all about it in the comments section or link us to photos of your finished product!

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