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Types of Flooring – DIY Living Room Floor Projects

When it comes to making over our space for a new year, which we find ourselves doing every spring, no part of the house is safe from our crafty whims! This year, that logic applies to the living room floor. The old scuffed floor that the house came with when we moved in simply won’t do anymore! That’s why we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled for awesome resources and concepts that will help us transform the very base of our space in order to improve the overall look.

1. Tips and tricks for choosing and evaluating flooring options

Tips and tricks for choosing and evaluating flooring options

Perhaps you’re very into the idea of redoing your living room floor and you’re feeling pretty darn determined to do it yourself, but you won’t pretend that you could certainly use a little bit of advice and help along the way? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Home Stratosphere discusses and dissects some of the things everyone should think about and consider before they get started on tearing up the floor they already have, just to make sure they’re prepared!

2. Stencilled concrete living room floor

Stencilled concrete living room floor

Have you actually been feeling the sort of industrial style of the trending idea of having a concrete floor (or perhaps you have on already), but you think you’d rather a look that’s a little more feminine and intricate than just the standard plain grey? In that case, we think you might really appreciate the way Designer Trapped used stencils and their hand painting skills to create a wonderful pattern all across their concrete floor, letting the grey shine through but adding white to keep things light and pretty.

3. DIY whitewashed wood floor

Diy whitewashed wood floor

Perhaps you’re okay with the quality of the wood floor you already have to work with, but you’ve been trying to establish a sort of seaside or farmhouse chic aesthetic in your living room and you can’t help but feel like the current colour and look of the wood just doesn’t fit? In that case, we think you might get a kick out of the way View From the Fridge added a little bit of stylish weathering and vintage influence to theirs by whitewashing its surface and sealing it so it lasts.

4. How to install plywood flooring

How to install plywood flooring

Are you actually the kind of person who really wants to put in wooden floors but you’re looking for a simple, DIY, and affordable way to do it rather than having something like shining new oak floors professionally installed? Then we’d suggest taking a look at something like this tutorial from Instructables that teaches you step by step how to install easy plywood flooring!

5. Tips for choosing area rugs for your living space

Tips for choosing area rugs for your living space