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6 Best Pellet Stoves in 2023 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Finding the best heating solution can be challenging. So we have devised a list of the best Pellet Stoves available on the market. Read through the following options to find the best solution and fit for you. These Pellet Stove heating units are furnace-style fuel burners that use special wood pellets to fuel the stone unit. Their easy-to-use, simple and effective usage designs make it a popular option. They are available in many modern designs that will look great in your home.

Best Pellet Stove

Pellet Stoves work differently from other more conventional stoves and burners that you may have used in the past. They work by burning compressed wooden pallets —specific to these types of burners— that are loaded into the hopper at the back of the stove and are fed into the fire through an automatic system. You can adjust the rate the pallets are consumed, allowing you to control the amount of heat produced. On this page, we have provided a list of our top picks along with an informative buying guide that covers all the necessities you need to consider to make an informed decision when buying your pellet stove.

Our Top Pick Best Pellet Stoves

The following lists our top six picks of the best pellet stoves in the market that we recommend for you and your family, along with any maintenance notices and key feature highlights, all aimed to make your purchasing decisions easier.

1. US Stove 5660 Pellet Stove

Us stove 5660 bay front pellet stove

This wood pellet stove unit provides a great design that is aesthetically pleasing. The US Stove 5660 Pellet Stove unit has some highly functional and customizable features. It provides you with a comfortable and relaxing experience that is easy and fun to use when heating your room.

NOTE: With this pellet stove model, only directly vents to air from the heater. We recommend adding some vertical ventilation before diverting the duct to the outside of your home. Doing this will mean there is less chance of potential power outages.

The US Stove Pellet unit has six different heat settings that are integrated into the stove. You can optionally select the heat consumption needed for your environment, providing you with flexibility in your heating options.

If you use a heat setting of 4 or above, you will notice that the heat produced may be uncomfortable to be in the same room as the stove. The benefit of this, however, is it is a great way to heat up your entire home, use it at your discretion.

Maintenance info:

Emptying the ash pan daily is necessary to keep the stove in as good and working condition. Please note, this process is simple, fast, and easy to do, which will only take a minute or two to complete.

Highlights include:

  • Six different heating options, heating options of 4 or above, can heat the entire home.
  • Expect to use 20lb – 40lb of pellets per day, depending on the heat setting you chose.
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2. Castle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet Stove

Castle 12327 serenity wood pellet stove

The Castle 12327 provides an easy to use, conventional, and effective pellet stove unit. The heating source is capable of heating an entire level of your home, both effectively heating smaller and or larger spaces of your home or office.

The beauty of this unit is its easy to remove ash pan, allowing you to clean quickly and easily. Your daily clean routine will take only five minutes, even on your slower days!.

Maintenance info:

Ensure you clean daily (only around 5 mins) each day to ensure your stove remains in top working order.

Highlights include:

  • If this heating is set to medium heat on during the day, typically, you can expect a 40lb bag of pellets per day on average. This is an economical way of keeping your home clean.
  • This pellet stove is environmentally friendly as it runs on pellets only, which means you do not need to worry about combustible fuels such as propane.
  • This pellet stove costs effectively on electricity use. To optimise usage, we recommend operating the hopper and the fan to distribute the heat around the room. It only requires approximately two watts to power the motors of the heating source. This is less electricity usage than other conventional heating sources.
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3. Comfortbilt Pellet Stove

Comfortbilt pellet stove hp22

The Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 provides a beautiful and appealing unit that can sit comfortably in your home. Thanks to its aesthetically pleasing design finish, it can easily fit in most home environments without fuss.

With its perfect mix of comfort, style, and quietness. The Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 provides a simple, effective, and stylish pellet stove that can sit comfortably in any home environment. Additionally, it is an excellent value for money; quality is at the forefront of its design and purpose. A rare gem these days, as it is built to last.

The Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 is an affordable, reliable, and high-quality unit with the family in mind. For quality, comfort, and value for money, you cannot beat the Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22. You and your family will enjoy it for years to come!

The Comfortbilt Pellet Stove HP22 is highly functional and easy to use. You can trust it can work in the background uninterrupted all the while you get on with life at home. This powerful and robust pellet stove runs at 50,000 BTU heat output, meaning it will effectively heat your home of approximately 2500 square feet with no ease. Piece of mind, no matter how cold it is outside, you will be warm and toasty inside.

Additionally, this unit has optimal functions. It is so quiet; you won’t know it is there. Enjoy the peace and quiet, all the while remaining warm and cosy. No matter if you are entertaining, reading, or listening to music, you will remain uninterrupted and undisturbed.

Highlights include:

  • Quiet and easy to use, allowing uninterrupted sleep and concentration.
  • Easy to use heat settings.
  • Unfogged glass doors that will not become dirty
  • Hopper holds plenty of pallets that will last for several days, allowing you more time not having to replenish supply stock.
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4. Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove

Pleasant hearth pellet stove

This Pleasant Hearth pellet stove provides a very dazzling appearance, all aimed to make a great impression on you, your family, and guests whenever entertaining at home. As we all know, this unit will make a great impression; it will also work overtime with the massive amount of heat it provides all in one powerful unit. Packed with energy, the Pleasant Hearth Pellet stove provides enough heat to consume a 2200 square feet area. This provides wide areas for homes, office spaces, and the like. So powerful, you could leave doors and windows open and still be warmed with all the heat this amazing unit provides.

To top this optimal beauty, it is packed with features that include an auto-ignition system that allows starting and igniting the unit quickly as possible. It has five different heat settings to allow you full control and customise your heating experience. Allowing you to control your heat settings with ease and full control.

Maintenance info:

Along with this powerful unit comes a 120lb hopper capacity; the Pleasant Hearth Pellet stove can burn around 24 to 70 hours before you need to replenish the pellets. This allows you a flexible and convenient way to operate and clean out.

Highlights include:

  • Provides a massive heat impact for both small and big environments (120lb hopper capacity).
  • Pleasant Hearth Pellet stove can burn approximately 24 to 70 hours.
  • Built in a ceramic construction, this pellet stove model provides a traditional and classic look that will not disappoint.
  • A glass door at the front of the unit allows you to view the flames on those winter nights providing an enchanting and calming effect.
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5. Deari Serenity Wood Pellet Stove

Deari serenity wood pellet stove

This wood pellet stove unit provides a premium aesthetic design that has impressed the most discerning critic. It is designed with both ease of use and environment in mind. The perfect balance of comfort and mindfulness, no wonder it is our top pick!

This unit has the elegance of design and the effective use of warmth that warms the room quickly, efficiently, and in your full control. Its ease of use provides a quick and efficient heat source effectively using its high quality wood pallets optimally. Warming the room and environment with aplomb.

This stove has easy-to-use adjustment controls to complete the magic of this unit, making this stove our top pick. Along with its elegant design, ease of use, and quick warmth appeal– the icing on the cake is topped by its nifty heat control system. The control system allows you to easily make adjustments to easily warm a room by using the electronic ignition that can be controlled through auto mode adjustments. Allowing you the freedom and ease of use, with setting levels from 1 to 4 without hassle.

NOTE: This stove must remain stable in a standing position whenever you are operating the system.

The all-around appeal of this unit makes it our number one pick with premium performance in home environments, work offices, and hotels. The perfect allrounder. Along with it is easy to use maintenance that uses an exhaust pipe provided with the unit.

Maintenance info:

Ensure the maintenance of regular daily cleaning. This will prevent the fire pot from blocking.

Highlights include:

  • A quiet furnace that will not disturb your sleep or concentration.
  • Optimal heat flow within your room.
  • Higher and more efficient unit — more than 86.5%
  • Fully capable of providing warmth for areas up to 646 square feet.
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6. US Stove 5824 Pellet Stove

Us stove 5824 pellet stove

For those with limited space and area to be and work in, then this US Stove 5824 pellet stove unit is for you. The US 5824 Pellet stove provides an impressive amount of heat designed for optimal use, especially for its size and the small space it is designed to heat.

This little battler is designed to be smaller than some other alternative models. It contains a small hopper capacity, allowing you to get up to 20 hours of burning time before you replenish the pellet stock supply.

Note: This pellet does not come with all the items you need to install. Please ensure you purchase the additional installation accessories at the same time you purchase the stove unit to ensure it can be installed as quickly as possible.

This stove unit comes packed with an easy-to-clean glass viewer; the window is self-cleaning. A modern-looking pellet stove is traditional, making a perfect addition to warm and comfy homes. Although this stove has a lower hopper capacity than some other pellet stoves, you will be impressed by the amount of heat that is produced. Even on a low setting, this pellet stove will still deliver plenty of heat, keeping you comfortable and warm throughout the colder months.

Maintenance info:

Contains a lower hopper capacity than other pellet stoves. But compensates by a self-cleaning glass window.

Highlights include:

  • Small, compact, easy to use, and efficient.
  • Contain surprisingly impressive heating it produces.
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What you need to know…

What is a pellet stove?

Most pellet stoves look like conventional stoves and are available either as a free-standing model or an insert into a fireplace. Pellet stoves burn only compressed wood pellets. These pellets are loaded into a hopper at the back of the unit and are fed into the fire through an automatic feed system.

Adjusting the rate the pellets are consumed and provides you with more control over the amount of heat produced.In some models, a thermostat can be used to keep an even room temperature – and a timer can provide automatic switching on and off.

Pros of pellets stoves

  • No need to chop and store firewood. If you like the look and feel of a wood burner but don’t want the hassle of firewood, a pellet stove is a suitable alternative.
  • Ease of use: Easy to replenish the furnace with pellets that you order online or over the phone. Once you get the hang of things, they are much easier to use than your conventional wood burners.
  • Full control: Most models enable you to light electronically, so no need for matches or a fire starter. Plus, some models can be thermostatically controlled or switched on and off using a timer.
  • Easier to install: The flue is smaller on pellet stoves than they are with woodburner stoves, which means the flue can be taken out horizontally through an external wall.
  • Environmentally friendlier: The pellet stoves burn more clearly, so they are less of a health hazard to the environment. The pellets can typically contain sawmill-made waste, meaning the source materials are more renewable and carbon neutral.

Cons of pellet stoves

  • Only pellets can be burned. You cannot take advantage of any free firewood.
  • Electricity is required for them to work, so they’re no use during a power cut. A backup battery is recommended, but this is also an additional cost.
  • Can be noisy. Pellet stoves can be noisy because they have fans and a hopper-feed motor. Some models can have the flue fan mounted outside the house to reduce noise.
  • Complex compared to more conventional burners. With electrical and electronic components that could fail and impact ongoing costs.
  • Pallets can be costly and limited depending on availability and demand.

Buying Guide

This section provides important information on what to look for when purchasing pellet drives, this includes safety, installation information, along with other key points.

What to look out for


  • Never leave children or pets alone near pellet stoves when they are on. Look out or glass in front of the stove when turned on; it can be extremely hot. Consider the use of safeguard rails around the unit.
  • Consider installing a carbon monoxide detector to avoid dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, this can be caused by poor ventilation within the environment.
  • Dispose of all ash in a metal container to prevent fire burn. Keep ashes away from household waste; The container should not be stored in the home.
  • Service your stove every year to ensure optimal functionality and safety.
  • Use only recommended pellet stoves
  • Follow all service instructions that come with the product properly.
  • Use only the selected pellets for the pellet stove.


  • Every environment is slightly different, but installation costs should be similar to those of a wood burner. Remember there needs to be a power outlet nearby.

Key points

The following are key points you will need to consider when you find the right pellet stove purchase for you.

Environmentally sound purchase

  • A pellet stove is an environmentally sound form of home heating.

Handy usage tips

  • Buying pellets in bulk helps to keep running costs down.
  • If you have access to free or low-cost firewood, a pellet burner is probably not for you.


  • Pellet fires produce less ash than conventional stoves. Weekly emptying of the ash tray and cleaning out the burner is usually enough. Most models have a pull-out ashtray.


  • Pellet-burner controls – the on/off switch, start button, and heat-control knob – are electrical.


  • Allows the room temperature to be automatically maintained at a set temperature.


  • Allows the fire to be automatically started and stopped at pre-set times.

Safety guards

  • The surfaces of a pellet burner can get very hot and be a danger to small children. Protective guards are available and highly recommended.