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Ikea Hack: Faux Fur Njuta Slippers

We all had once in a lifetime, at least at a fiend’s house, worn this very model of slippers. Ikea’s well known Njuta slippers, sold in black, red or white, is the most minimal and freezing slipper you’ve ever experienced! Adding it that extra touch of fluffiness is exactly what I need in these chilly winter days, particularly for beloved lazy sunday mornings. Nevertheless, this tutorial is practical for any kind of slippers you have at home that feel too hard on your bare feet because we’re going to measure exactly on them; it can also easily be transformed into a pair of pure fur slippers, follow along and see how to proceed.

ikea hack faux fur slippers set


  • old or boring slippers that need a soft touch
  • faux fur textile
  • fabric scissors
  • matching thread + sewing machine
  • (optional) textile glue

ikea hack faux fur slippers material

Start by cutting out the shape of the bottom part of the slipper onto the faux fur, cutting slightly larger to leave space for the seam.

ikea hack faux fur slippers cut

Next, cut the shape of the top part of the slipper. To do so, just place it onto the textile half lenght and cut around. Remember to leave a lot more space at the beginning of the shape, because all your foot has to be able to get in there. You should end up with a sort of U shape with the open end going much larger. I’ll call these “bell shapes” from now on to better understand what’s going on!

ikea hack faux fur slippers cut 2

Using a pin to help you, make a profound bend on the middle part of the bell shape, like shown below, so that the edges fit exactly the bottom shape. This will help make the foot slip inside without any trouble and having enough space to fit in. Place them fluffy sides facing each other.

ikea hack faux fur slippers pin

Finally, use the sewing machine to fix toghether the two parts. Try to follow the U shape of the point and leave the pinned fold to pass through your sewing foot. Remember to leave 2 cm of textile from the beginning of each side of the “bell shape”: this will make the fold over part.

ikea hack faux fur slippers sew

Finally, use your hand to push your fluffy ones inside the classic ones and bend the overlapping part on top to make the fur come out.

ikea hack faux fur slippers insert

Make adjustments where needed, for instance I had to make little cuts on the sides of the bottom parts to make them lay nicely down to the base. Cut off any faux fur that is going too much out of the shape of the original slipper.

ikea hack faux fur slippers done

Optional step but recommended, use textile glue to secure the bottom fur to the slipper. You can also hand sew it to the edges of the original slipper if you prefer. At the end,  your craft room will be full of electrostatically charged fur – very difficult to clean up I must admit!- but your bare feet should already be squeeking joy in those soft brand new slippers.

ikea hack faux fur slippers wear

ikea hack faux fur slippers kitchen

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