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Check Out These 12 DIY Fire Pits To Prepare For Summertime Entertaining

Add some extra bouts of entertaining necessities to the backyard this season. A place to gather, laugh, catch up, and maybe even roast a marshmallow or two – and easily made right at home as well. Check out these 12 DIY fire pits to prepare for your summertime entertaining. No matter if it’s a quick get-together or a special, planned party, we have your lawn focus right here.

1. One-Hour

One hour fire pit diy

House & Fig will walk you through a simple fire pit creation that takes just one hour to finish. And the end result will be this super chic and modern piece that you’ll be enjoying all spring, summer, and fall long. Roast marshmallows with the fam and catch up with neighbors while it glows throughout the evening.

2. With Grill

Beautiful diy fire pit w grill insert1

When a piece can do two functional things, like warm the night and cook up some hot dogs. Over at Redhead Can Decorate, you’ll learn how to build a fire pit that does both. It’s one of the most family-friendly of the bunch.

3. A Day

Backyard fire pit diy

This fire pit can be built in just a day. And besides the actual pit, we love the entire seating area and how special it will be for friends and family to be entertained within. Check out more of the details surrouding this scene by visiting out friends at Prodigal Pieces.

4. Tabletop

Fire pit cover tabletop diy

Fire pits turned tabletops are really nice as well. This particular design is especially functional and stylish for smaller outdoor areas. If you’re looking for a piece that does all the jobs, check out the tutorial by hopping over to Paper Daisy Design.

5. Concrete Column

Concrete fire column fire pit diy

Maybe you’re looking for something a bit outside of the traditional box, if so check out this idea from In My Own Style. You’ll be building a concrete column that acts as a beautiful addition to the backyard but also can be lit on fire — and used as a pit! For more modern visions, go this route.

6. Circular Patio

Diy circular patio

Brooklyn Limestone has a beautiful, traditional fire pit on display as well. Check out the tutorial behind these types of designs after the jump. We love the ones that have a sitting area built into the bigger scheme which makes it even more welcoming for guests to enjoy.

7. 15-Step

Diy fire pite with seating area

We love Instructables because of their, well, explicit instruction! This tutorial have a 15-step process that will get you from having no pit to the perfect pit for roasts, ghost stories, and just enjoying the nightsky. Take the leap and snag the deets now.

8. Bricks

Diy brick fire pit budget

SHTF Preparedness went with a brick fire pit which is great considering all of the possibilities you have when it comes to this material. Different shapes and shades, you can design your fire pit around any style genre that you envision. Take the leap and see just how easy this one is to recreate at home.

9. Compact

Diy metal fire pit

Here’s a small, compact fire pit from Instructables that can travel with you. This is perfect for camping or those that don’t have a lot of backyard to work with. If you’re looking for a better makeshift fire pite idea this is one that deserves to be tried out.

10. Stylish

Stylish fire pit diy

Probably the most stylish on the list – in both design and styling – is this beautiful scene from A Beautiful Mess. Both the round fire pit and rouned seating area – seperate DIY projects. Those pops of beautiful color really set off the entire area.

11. High Back

Diy high back fire pit

Here’s another unique fire pite design that we found on Instructables. The high back creates a more lux scene and focal point for the backyard – a gathering point for all your family and friends. Take the leap now and follow the tutorial to have it made by the end of the weekend.

12. $60

Backyard ideas diy fire pit

Keeping It Simple made a fire pit that serves as both pit and coffee table. Cover it during the sunshine for an afternoon lunch and then uncover it when it’s time to make smores with the kiddos. Even novices can follow easily along with this project.

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