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Decoupaged Lace Chargers

If you’re having a DIY event, here’s an easy craft you can do for that does not cost a lot of money.  For my wedding I had a very small amount of guests, and a “shabby chic” theme.  These lace chargers were the perfect DIY edition to my small wedding but made a lovely statement.  Simply decoupage some fabric lace to your dinner charger plates to add a sweet, dainty look to your table decor.

Decoupaged lace chargers

Materials for decoupaged lace chargers

For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • White chargers
  • Lace ribbon or fabric
  • Mod Podge
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors

At my local craft store, I was able to find these basic white chargers for less than two dollars.  Although they looked great on their own for modern table decor, the white color made the perfect backdrop to add my fabric.  I’ve often seen chargers decoupaged in a burlap fabric, and I thought that using lace would give me the shabby chic look I was going for.

Prepare the plate

To start, wipe the chargers clean with soap and water.  I had left over lace ribbon from another project, but you can also use larger cutouts of lace fabric that you can buy from your local fabric store.  Add a thin layer of Mod Podge to the charger.

Start adding lace

Lace chargers

Decoupaged lace chargers diy

Add the lace ribbon and be sure that it is not stretched out so much that it does not sit well in the sunken parts of the charger.  You want the lace to lie smooth.  Use the paintbrush to ensure that all of the lace is adhered to the charger.

Colser lace

Add another layer of Mod Podge on top of the ribbon and smooth it out with the paintbrush ensuring that there is adhesive on all its parts including the edges. Feel free to use your fingers to make sure the ribbon is adhering properly.

Plate with lace

Continue to add the lace ribbon until you cover the entire charger.

Laced on charge

Let it sit until dry to the touch or according to manufacturer instructions.  Once dry, cut off the excess ribbon as close as you can to the charger around the edges.  It should be fairly easy as the Mod Podge has hardened the lace.

Diy laced charger

And that’s it!  Use these laced chargers at any bridal event, tea party, or brunch with your friends.  Although not so bold, they give a light feminine touch to any table decor.

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