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20 DIY Indoor Gardens For Your Home

Add a bit of green to your home with the addition of growing petals, herbs! From the windowsills to the porch, there are ways to create some natural energy and life into your most personal of space. Learn how to make some for yourself with these 20 DIY indoor gardens that will knock your socks off and have you fall in love with their delicacy in an instant.

1. Mason Jar Herbs

Mason Jar Herb Garden DIY

Camille Styles created this adorable mason jar herb garden and it goes right onto her wall! This is perfect for indoor porches and room that have more of a natural feel to them.

2. Wine Rack Herbs

Herb Garden Ikea Hack

Thanks to Curbly, we’ve found an awesome Ikea hack that we just had to share! Grab one of their wine racks and get busy making one of these innovative beauties!

3. Living Pallet Wall

Diy Lliving Pallet Wall

Over at The Brew you’ll find all the details you need on how to make this gorgeous living pallet wall. Make your breakfast nook shine a little bit brighter by trying out this project!

4. A Bowl of Succulents


This enchanting bowl of succulents from Willard & May is everything one can dream of when planning their first mini, indoor garden. It has all the texture, color and life one could ask for!

5. Industrial

Industrial Mini Indoor Garden

Check out this industrial-styled garden brought to us by IC. There are so many different ways to utilize this vision and different plants to grow – although the succulents are so much fun to sprinkle around the house!

6. Full of Water

DIY Water Garden

How does a water garden sound to you? Hop on over to Tilly’s Nest to catch all the details on how to make these beautiful pieces for the entire family to enjoy and grow!

7. Simple Planter


Cooking with Ruthie gives us one of the more expected and simpler ideas, but it’s one that works great for novice DIYers and will fit inside any house! And why not add a pop of color to the planter box?

8. Cacti

DIy Cacti Garden

How would you feel about creating a mini cacti garden to enjoy in the house? Visit A Beautiful Mess to snag all the info you need to start, and the best part is the pop of color in the floral!

9. Tree Branches


eHow shoes us how to hang some tree branches and use them to make plant holders! This is chic, perfect for the urban dweller and unique too!

10. Contemporary

DIY Contemporary Planters

Aren’t these contemporary wall planters absolutely charming and stylish to boot? We found these cuties on dream green diy and we’re absolutely in love!

11. Tabletop

DIY tabletop succulent garden

Here’s another simple and easy to recreate tabletop indoor garden planter. You’ll find out the directions and materials needed over at eHow.

12. Teacups

teacup-herb-diy garden

How about plant your seeds inside some vintage teacups for a girlish and feminine take on having a “green thumb.” Visit the idea at The Garden Glove.

13. Tulips


Learn how to grown tulips in a vase and make your own mini flower “garden” of sorts. These are a personal favorite flower of mine and a gorgeous one to adorn the house with. Thanks Sand & Sisal!

14. Gutters

Diy Gutter Indoor Garden

1001 Gardens showed off this innovative idea that inspired us in a plethora of ways. Spruce up the kitchen or porch with this beauty, and have the family get involved with decorating the chalkboard.

15. Hanging

DIy Hanging Planter

Check out this hanging planter from Pioneer Settler! This idea is one of the more intricate of the bunch but also the most fulfilling when its all finished.

16. Fairy

DIy Fairy Garden

Finally, we have something the kiddos will definitely want to get involved in. Don’t just create a mini indoor garden, but create a fairy garden like this one from Dabbles & Babbles!

17. Garden Wall


EC2 shows off this beautiful garden wall idea that would be great in a hallway, breakfast nook or even inside a dining room that gets an abundance of natural lighting.

18. MidCentury


This is a beautiful, mid-century-inspired planter that you can do two things with: plant a single cell or create a small herb or succulent garden out of! Thanks for the idea eHow!

19. Driftwood

Driftwood DIY Planter

eHow gives us, yet again, another great idea for something incredibly unique inside the home and stylish too. Who knew a piece of driftwood could be this stylish and lively?

20. Canned

DIY Mini Indoor Herb Garden

You can always go with classic cans like Loveshack Chic and create an indoor herb garden that way. Of course, you can spruce it up a bit with fun papers and stamps too!

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