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Ice Cream Float Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Few things are better than ice cream, but we’re about to introduce you to something that just might be: ice cream floats! Whether you’re adding vanilla ice cream to your favourite pop and giving it a stir or creating a completely unique float that makes people look twice, ice cream floats are the perfect treat to make as the weather starts warming up.

Check out these amazing float recipes that we just can’t get enough of!

1. Boozy Biscoff bear floats

Boozy biscoff bear floats

Yes. Beer and ice cream. It’s everything college dorm dreams are made of! The flavour of the dark beer balances the sweetness of vanilla ice cream perfectly in this recipe from Bakers Royale.

2. Watermelon soda float

Watermelon soda float

Can you think of anything more refreshing than vanilla ice cream mixed with fresh, fruity watermelon flavour? We’re having trouble coming up with things! Bon Appetit walks you through the ingredients, since watermelon soda isn’t nearly as common a flavour in the stores as it should be.

3. Ice cream cherry spritzers

Ice cream chery sptritzers

These ice cream cherry spritzers are everything you could hope for in a champagne brunch drink, and then some! The tart cherry flavour and the creamy vanilla ice cream combine beautifully on top of the classic sparkling champagne taste. Check out Peanut Butter and Peppers to see how it’s done!

4. Coke float popsicles

Coke float popsicles

Do you wish you could preserve the deliciousness of your favourite cola ice cream float a little longer and enjoy some later without having to dig your blender back out? Grab your popsicle mold! Lil’ Luna shows you how to transform your luscious drink into a cool treat.

5. Vanilla cherry floats

Vanilla cherry floats

This is a great alternative to the cherry spritzer recipe from earlier in the list. If champagne isn’t your think or you’d like to make cherry floats for your kids, this recipe from form Your Home Based Mom makes the perfect treat.

6. Prosecco floats

Prosecco floats

Do you like the idea of a spritzer but know that you prefer wine to champagne? Prosecco is your answer! Bakers Royale suggests making these floats with strawberry, blackberry, and lemon sorbet instead of ice cream and we’re definitely okay with that delicious adjustment.

7. Mint chip ice cream soda

Mint chip ice cream soda

Besides being totally minty and delicious, these ice cream floats are green! Coloured foods and drinks are always fun because they’re great for themed parties and holidays. Check out Everyday Dishes to see the ingredients list for this St. Patrick’s Day delight.

8. Ginger beer and eggnog float

Ginger beer and eggnog float

Winter and Christmas time are all about deep, rich flavours with a hint of warm spice. This eggnog and ginger beer float by Steelehouse Kitchen definitely falls into that category! It’s the perfect combination of spice, sweetness, a touch of bitter in the beer, and creamy ice cream.

9. Blueberry maple ice cream soda

Blueberry maple ice cream soda

Just because most ice cream sodas are made with vanilla ice cream doesn’t mean you have to stick to that formula! This deliciously sweet recipe by Hungry Girl Por Vida uses maple ice cream instead. The sweetness of the maple balances out the slightly tart flavour of blueberry syrup just perfectly.

10. Rum and Coke float

Run and coke float

Besides being a delicious take on the classic bar rail drink, this float idea from Cooking Stoned looks awesome when it comes to presentation! Your guests will love the novelty of watching the upside down bottle empty into the float as they drink.

11. Strawberry lemonade ice cream float

Strawberry lemonade ice cream float

Strawberry lemonade and ice cream are two of the things we most look forward to when summer finally comes! Yellow Bliss Road shows you how to combine the two in one absolutely delicious ice cream float recipe.

12. Caramel apple cider float

Caramel apple cider float

Apple cider is usually served warm, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a cold treat to it for a little bit of deliciously creamy contrast. Mel’s Kitchen Cafe shows you a great way to make apple cider floats easily!

13. Shirley Temple ice cream soda

Shirley temple ice cream soda

Kids already adore Shirley Temple drinks, so just imagine how excited they’ll be when you drop a scoop of ice cream into their glass too! Get the ingredients form Fine Cooking and treat your kids after dinner, with a delicious cherry on top!

14. Orange cream float

Orange cream float

We absolutely adore orange creamsicles, but not everyone likes the mess of trying to eat iced treats on a stick without dripping. These amazing orange cream ice cream floats by Betty Crocker are the perfect alternative and the perfect summer snack on the patio!

15. Guiness float

Guiness float

If you know someone who just can’t get enough of their favourite dark lager, then this Guiness ice cream float is definitely something you should treat them to. Gimme Some Oven shows you how to combine the ingredients for the perfectly combination of flavours!

Can you think of another amazing ice cream float recipe that you really enjoy but don’t see on our list? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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