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How to Share Photos with Family in 7 Easy Ways

In family, generational gaps and technological abilities can make it difficult to share photos. But you can figure out how to share photos with family in a way that works for everyone.

There are a few different ways that you can share pictures with your loved ones, and this article discusses the most common and efficient methods.

how to share photos with family

Fundamentally, there are two ways to share photos with someone: physically or digitally. The physical method means making a collection of pictures of some sort, like an album or a collage, in order to hand it over to someone else. It’s thoughtful, sweet, and often used in gifting. On the other hand, the digital method is cost-effective, fast, and remote, so you can quickly share precious memories with people from the other side of the globe.

To figure out the best way to share photos with your family, you should gather a bit of insight to see which method works better, especially when you plan to share the same picture with multiple family members of various ages. For example, you can make a list with the following questions for each family member:

  • Who are you sharing the photos with?
  • Are they tech-savvy?
  • Do they enjoy physical photos and albums more?
  • Do they have an Internet connection?
  • Are the photos meaningful or casual?
  • Do they have a computer or a device that can play back media files?

Once you figure out these answers, you should be able to easily choose the physical or digital photo-sharing method. Or, you can plan a photo-sharing method for each person, depending on how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in this.

How do you share photos with family easily?

There are many ways to share photos with family, both digitally and physically. Here are some concrete methods:

1. Google Photos

Google Photos is arguably the best option for sharing photos with family members who are tech-savvy and have a good Internet connection. It’s available for Android and iOS, offers free, unlimited photo storage, and it allows you to share an unlimited number of photos with anyone, even if they don’t have the app.

To share pictures with your family using Google Photos, you can use either a shared or a regular album. The difference between the two is that a shared album gives you the choice to invite people to contribute with their photos. So if you’re sharing photos from a recent family vacation, for example, everyone can add their own shots. This way, you can watch pictures of the same events from the unique perspective of each person and view moments you might have missed live. When it’s time to share the photos, you can send your family a link via email or copy the link and give it to them through other means, such as instant messaging. But if everyone was involved in a family photoshoot, it’s easier to make a regular album.

Google Photos has a plethora of useful features for customizing your pictures. For instance, you can adjust the brightness and contrast, apply filters, or add text. For example, you can add a meaningful family quote that summarizes the unique dynamic of your relationship.

2. Google Drive

Google drive

Google Drive is an excellent cloud storage service that you can use to share photos with your family, along with any other file types. Compared to Google Photos, Google Drive has limited free storage, which can only be extended by applying for a paid plan.

To share pictures with your family using Google Drive, you have to upload your files to your Drive account and then share the link with your family members directly or through email.

If you’re not comfortable using Google Drive, you can try alternative cloud storage services like OneDrive or Dropbox.

3. USB flash drive

Usb flash drive

Using a USB flash drive is one of the simplest ways to share photos with your family.

There are several advantages to using a USB flash drive. Firstly, it doesn’t require a working Internet connection. Secondly, the user doesn’t need special software or configuration to access a USB flash drive: simply plug and play. But there are also some downsides. For example, you can’t update an already gifted album with new photos since you can’t get online. Also, USB flash drives can get easily corrupted if the user doesn’t know how to handle them correctly.

To share pictures with your family using a USB flash drive, just copy the files and hand over the drive to the recipient. There are two ways to go about this: cost-effective or thoughtful. The cost-effective way is to use a single USB flash drive, lend it to each family member, ask them to copy the photos, and then get your drive back. The thoughtful way is to gift each family member with a USB flash drive with the photos.

4. Printed family albums

Printed photo album

A printed family album is the old-fashioned, yet most meaningful way to share photos with your family.

There are several perks to making printed family albums. Firstly, anyone appreciates a physical photo album, particularly older relatives who don’t feel comfortable around technology since the pictures can be browsed anytime, without the use of a computer. Secondly, preparing a printed family album is a rewarding experience since it gives you the time to look over the photos and handpick the most meaningful ones since album space is limited.

The downside of making printed family albums is that it can gettime-consuming and expensive, especially if you must create multiple albums for extended family. Then you must send the albums to everyone, which can be again tedious and expensive if your relatives live far away.

5. Instant messaging apps


Instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or WeChat are quite common for sharing photos with family since it’s so fast and convenient. You just have to select the photos, pick the recipient, and tap a button to send.

There are several upsides to using instant messaging apps. Firstly, aside from being fast and convenient, you don’t have to go through the complicated process of creating an account, uploading photos, and sharing a link. Secondly, most instant messaging apps have features that make it easy to send the same photos to several people simultaneously. For example, WhatsApp lets you create groups where you can add all of your family members. Next, sharing is as simple as selecting the group and photos. Thirdly, you can chat with the family and get instant feedback for your pictures.

Instant messaging apps come with some disadvantages, too. Firstly, all recipients must have a smartphone and must know how to use this type of service, which can be problematic for the elderly. Secondly, an Internet connection is necessary to access the photos, although it should be active only long enough to receive the files. Thirdly, instant messaging apps have a bad habit of compressing images, which means that their quality will be affected.

6. Social media platforms

Social media platforms

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also great ways to share photos with your family.

You can take advantage of some cool features when using social media platforms for photo-sharing. For instance, you can easily upload photos from your phone or computer and share them with specific people or groups. It’s also possible to tag people in photos, which can be practical when sharing pictures with numerous family members who don’t have time to go through everything. Moreover, social media platforms are quite good at keeping photos organized. For example, Facebook automatically creates albums based on the date and location of the photos, which can be helpful for sharing only a certain set of photos with your family.

Social media platforms come with several downsides. For instance, you should pay attention to the privacy settings and configure them accordingly unless you want to risk sharing private photos with everyone on the Internet instead of your family alone. And, similar to instant messaging apps, social media platforms compress photos and, subsequently reduce their quality. If you’re sharing wedding pictures, for example, you want to ensure that everyone gets the high-quality pictures developed by the professional photographer, so social media platforms aren’t the best option in this case.

7. Digital photo frames

Digital photo frames are an excellent way to share photos with your family since they play slideshows.

To share photos with your family using digital photo frames, you can upload the picture to the frame’s internal storage, which is similar to copying files to a USB flash drive. Alternatively, if the frame comes with an app, you can use it to select the photos and click a button to send them to the frame through the Internet.

The most important advantage of using a digital photo frame is that you can remotely send pictures, anytime. The recipient doesn’t have to do anything to view the photos, except keep their digital photo frame plugged in. Furthermore, it’s possible to customize, crop, and resize the pictures before sending them, and you can even tag people to organize the images efficiently. On the downside, a high-quality digital photo frame is expensive. If you wish to share photos with your extended family, this isn’t the best way to go about it unless you want to splurge on gifts at Christmas.


Learn more useful information about photo-sharing:

What is the easiest photo-sharing site?

Most photo-sharing websites have user-friendly features. Some great examples are Google Photos, iCloud Photo Library, Imgur, and Flickr.

How do I share photos with family on iPhone?

There are several ways to share photos with family on iPhone. For example, you can use iCloud Photo Library since it lets you store all photos and videos in the cloud and share them with your family members. Another option is to use a social media app, such as Facebook or Instagram. Finally, you can also use a dedicated photo-sharing app, such as Flickr or Google Photos.

How do I share a lot of photos with someone?

The best way to share anoutstanding collection of photos is through a USB flash drive since you can transfer all photos in one go. flash drive. Alternatively, you can use a cloud-based storage service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive to share pictures through a link, without sacrificing image quality.

How do I create a family-shared album?

The best way to create a family-shared album is by using Google Photos for Android or iCloud Photo Sharing for iOS.


All things considered, if you’re trying to find the best way to share photos with your family, you should take into account a variety of factors, such as the number of photos you want to share, the platforms your family members use, and your budget. This way,you’ll be able to choose the best solution for your needs.

Whether you decide to use social media, a photo-sharing website, or a USB flash drive, make sure to pick the solution that best suits your family.

What’s your favorite way to share photos with your family? Let us know in the comments below!

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