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How To Build a Wine Rack – 15 Easy Ideas

Every once in a while, we like to enjoy a glass of wine after work. We sit down with dinner and, even if the wine isn’t fancy, we reward ourselves for a hard day’s work with a small glass that we can savour. That’s why we’re always keeping wine on hand, but then we find that we need a place to put it that’s out of the way. Since we’ve always been crafty people, why not make our own storage solution and make it decorative while we’re at it? That’s how we found ourselves looking up all manner of DIY wine racks recently.

Just in case you’d like to make your very own creative wine rack too, here are 15 of the best ideas, designs, and tutorials we came across in our search!

1. Wooden crate wine rack

Wooden crate wine rack

Does your home have a slight rustic aesthetic to it? Well, if you’re looking for something quite simple but that will suit your decor scheme well, then we’ve already found the perfect idea for you! Check out how Anything & Everything made this fantastic wooden crate rack that features an X brace in the centre so the wine bottles fit in each of the four segments that shape creates.

2. Rustic wine rack with glass hangers

Rustic wine rack with glass hangers

Maybe we caught your attention with the idea of making a rustic rack but you’re just not sure that the crate idea is the right idea for you, here’s an awesome alternative from The Kurtz Corner! Their tutorial shows you how to make a wall mounted wine shelf from an upcycled section of a wooden pallet, complete with notches to conveniently hang some wine glasses in.

3. Mod PVC pipe wine rack

Mod pvc pipe wine rack

Perhaps you’ve actually been scrolling through your options for DIY wine racks and hoping to find something a little more modern looking? In that case, we have a feeling you might prefer this awesome stacked PVC pipe wine rack outlined step by step on How To Instructions! Slide a bottle into each circular opening.

4. Wine barrel stave rack

Wine barrel stave rack

Just in case you’re actually really into the idea of using upcycled wood to make a wine rack but you’re not feeling that enthusiastic about doing another pallet craft, here’s a fantastically rustic alternative. All Things Thrifty shows you how they created this multi-level shelf with notches to keep wine bottles still using old staves from old wine barrels. The whole idea creates a theme!