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Hot Chocolate Trifle

This Hot Chocolate Trifle is a triple layer dessert with all the flavors of hot chocolate. It starts with a hot chocolate mousse, then gets layers with some chocolate brownies for dunking, and gets topped off with a whipped cream topping – just like your favorite hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate trifle

Let’s jump right in. The first layer of our Hot Chocolate Trifle is a hot chocolate mousse. This mousse is light and airy. It is packed with chocolate flavor, and it is made with only 2 simple ingredients!

This dairy-free mousse is made with melted chocolate and aquafaba.  Have you heard of aquafaba? It is the liquid from a can of chickpeas that usually gets washed down the drain. It can be whipped up like egg whites and creates the most luscious mousse texture.

Once your aquafaba is whipped, you just drizzle in some melted and cooled chocolate and fold it together. Just place it in the fridge to chill and your first layer is done.

Hot chocolate trifle recipe

The next layer is a fudgy brownie. Dunking a cookie into hot chocolate is one of the best desserts ever. So, naturally, we needed a cookie type of layer here. To keep things deeply chocolaty, we went with a brownie instead of a cookie. These brownies are so moist and fudgy, and are also gluten and dairy free!

Delicious hot chocolate trifle

The final layer in our Hot Chocolate Trifle is the whipped cream – or in this case whipped coconut cream. This dairy-free version of whipped cream is fluffy and creamy, but safe for those with a dairy allergy.

To make this topping, you need full-fat coconut cream from a can. Place the cans upside down in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, remove them from the fridge, flip them right-side up, and open the cans. Pour off the coconut water and add the thick coconut cream to a bowl. This is the stuff we need to make our whipped topping.