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15 Unique Homemade Popsicle Recipes

Now that summer is in full swing, we are always on the lookout for delicious homemade recipes for cold treats! Sure, we can buy all kinds of popsicles and ice cream treats in the stores and our kids are always happy when we do, but we actually find that they enjoy it even more when we make our own popsicles together instead! This is because they get to play an active role in the flavour choosing and mixing process, which means they’re getting a kick out of the popsicles before they’re even finished and ready to eat. That’s why we’re always bookmarking and noting down delicious recipe tutorials that show us how to make new flavours, especially if they’re particularly unique!

Just in case you love the idea of making your very own homemade popsicles just as much as we did, if not more, here are 15 of the very best flavours we’ve come across in our search so far this summer.

1. Sour gummy worm popsicles

Sour gummy worm popsicles

If you’re going to make your own popsicles from scratch at home, would you prefer to make something really unique that you know your kids will be totally into? Then we have a feeling these super sweet and slightly sour gummy worm popsicles featured on A Mom’s Take will be right up your alley! It’s like an iced treat and a candy all combined in one place (and it looks really fun as well).

2. Nutella popsicles

Nutella popsicles

When it comes to enjoying treats, have you actually always been more of a chocolate lover rather than a sugar snack or candy person? In that case, we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how Laura in The Kitchen made these delicious Nutella popsicles from scratch! They taste like you’re eating a classic fudgesicle, but with a creamy hazelnut twist to really am up the flavour.

3. Carrot apple almond milk popsicles

Carrot apple almond milk popsicles

Is your decision to make popsicles of your own right at home partially motivated by your desire to make healthier snacks for your kids than the ones that are available in the stores, which are often full of artificial food dyes, flavourings, and sugars? Then we think we might have found the perfect nutritious homemade popsicle recipe for you! Check out how Dagmar’s Home made these surprisingly delicious carrot apple almond milk popsicles in just a few simple steps.

4. Gluten free, dairy free, coconut cream popsicles

Gluten free, dairy free, coconut cream popsicles

In our family, we have several dietary restrictions based on food intolerance so we’re always trying to keep an eye out for treats we can make that are safe and healthy for everyone to enjoy, regardless of what they can or can’t have. That’s why we love these scrumptious coconut cream popsicles featured on Don’t Waste the Crumbs so much! Despite being just as tasty as any other popsicle you’ve tried, this recipe is both gluten and dairy free.