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15 Neat DIY Cactus Themed Projects

Have you ever come across a small decorative detail, an interesting design element, or a kitschy thing and found yourself oddly obsessed with its aesthetic or appeal? As creative people who love a whole range of DIY based things, from simple kids’ crafts to larger interior decor projects, we fully understand that! Every once in a while, we’ll suddenly find ourselves drawn to just about anything we see that’s themed after whatever little detail we’re currently raving over. Last summer, for example, we fell in love with all things pineapple themed. There’s just something so cheerful and colourful about how pineapples look that looking at them made us happy, so we started tracking down all kinds of craft projects and DIY ideas that let us harness what we liked about them in new ways. So, what’s our latest themed crafting obsession, you ask? Well, as much as we still love pineapples, we actually have moved onto something new: the cactus! Once again, we’re not entirely sure what it is about the funnily shaped, spiky little plant, but we adore all things cactus themed and have been browsing the Internet at length to find as many cactus things to make ourselves as possible.

Just in case you’re just as intrigued by the idea of cactus themed crafts and DIY projects as we were, if not more, here are 15 of the best ideas, designs, and tutorials we’ve come across in our search so far!

1. Felt cactus pincushion

Felt cactus pincushion

Are you the kind of DIY enthusiast who loves crafting so darn much that one of your favourite things to do is make things from scratch that will actually help you out when you make other things in the future? Well, we can’t say we blame you, since we make crafts for our crafting process all the time! If you’re a sewing enthusiast, we have a feeling you’ll love this adorable cactus pin cushion just as much as we did. See how wonderfully simple it is to make on Deschdanja.

2. Painted pebble cactus planter

Painted pebble cactus planter

Have you always loved the way miniature cacti look in tiny planters but you had little kids and pets who love to touch and explore everything in the room, so even a very small spiky plant is a bad idea for your home? Then perhaps you’d prefer to get a similarly cute look but in a much safer way instead! Check out how The Whoot made a craft that looks like a bundle of little cacti in a small planter but is really a series of hand painted rocks glued into the pot on end. Talk about a low maintenance plant!

3. Gold cactus summer tote

Gold cactus summer tote

Are you actually such a big fan of cacti that you love them right down to their interesting shape? Well, if your personal style is a little more minimalist, we have a feeling you might enjoy this subtle cactus outline detail on a simple, stripy tote! The finished project might look very professional indeed, but Lovely Indeed is here to show you how simple it actually is. We think the technique would look great in all kinds of colour and pattern combinations.

4. Cactus macarons with edible flowers

Cactus macarons with edible flowers

Are your best DIY skills actually based in the kitchen because you’re an avid cook or baking enthusiast who just loves getting creative with food in unique ways? Well, if you’re even half as big a fan of the way brightly coloured macarons have been popularized in the dessert world as of late, we think you’ll enjoy this miniature cactus macaron idea very much indeed! Sugar and Cloth guides you step by step through the process of making them, texturing them, “planting” them, and even adding little flowers.