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How to Craft a Heart-Shaped Pebble Hot Pot Holder in 3 Easy Steps

Crafting a heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder is a fantastic way to make your cooking adventures special with a unique kitchen accessory that doubles as home decor. Read on to discover how to make your own heart-shaped pebble hot holder in just three steps.

Heart shaped pebble underplate projecy

A heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder is a protective covering made from pebbles arranged in a heart shape. Pebbles are a heat-resistant material, so the covering is practical for holding and carrying hot pots, pans, and other cookware. It can also be used to keep dishes warm during serving. The heart shape is purely decorative since it has no other purpose. Thanks to this romantic motif, the hot pot holder pairs well with home decorations for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events. It’s also a lovely gift idea for cooks.

Crafting a heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder is a great way to use a bunch of pebbles. It’s a simple activity for adults and kids old enough to securely handle a hot glue gun. Encourage children to participate in this DIY project and take a break from screen time by exploring the outdoors and looking for suitable pebbles.

This guide describes the supplies and step-by-step instructions for making a heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder. It contains images, a video guide, and more tips and tricks to improve your design. This DIY shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes of your time after gathering the tools and materials, making it an excellent last-minute gift for romantic occasions.


Heart shaped pebble underplate materials

  • Corkboard, cardboard, or plywood
  • Pencil that works on corkboard
  • Sharp scissors
  • X-ACTO knife (not illustrated)
  • A hot glue gun
  • Pebbles

How do I craft a DIY heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder?

Follow these step-by-step instructions to make a heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder:

  1. Create the heart template: Sketch a big heart on the corkboard, big enough to fit a large pot. Heart shaped pebble underplate step 2Heart shaped pebble underplate step 2a
  2. Cut out the heart: Trace the pencil outline and carefully cut the heart shape with scissors without making mistakes. Use the X-ACTO knife for precise cuts at the difficult angles. Heart shaped pebble underplate step 2b
  3. Glue the pebbles: Arrange the pebbles on the heart, rotating and trying different positions until you are satisfied with the layout; the corkboard should be barely visible. Glue the pebbles in place, one by one, without ruining the arrangement. Your heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder is ready! Heart shaped pebble underplate step 3Heart shaped pebble underplate step 3hHeart shaped pebble underplate step 3o

Video tutorial

Check out this 3-minute video guide that better illustrates the crafting process behind this heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder:

More tips and tricks

Check out the following tips and tricks to improve or modify your DIY heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder: 

  • Create an even surface: Use pebbles of similar sizes so that the pot will sit on an even surface.
  • Keep it even: Use the same-sized pebbles when crafting your pot holder. Since you want your pot or cup sitting on an even surface, use pebbles of similar sizes.
  • Try various pebbles or stones: Consider using multicolored pebbles to completely change the appearance of the hot pot holder.
  • Use heat-resistant marbles: Replace pebbles with heat-resistant marbles for a more colorful, playful, and shinier look.
  • Create another shape: Cut the corkboard in another playful form, such as a star or a triangle.
  • Scale down the project: Make a smaller corkboard with pebbles to create a heat-resistant coaster. 

Closing thoughts

Creating a heart-shaped pebble hot pot holder is incredibly easy when you follow the three steps outlined in this article. It’s a functional kitchen and dining room decoration and a fantastic gift idea for cooks. Check out more romantic decorations for similar projects.

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