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Healthy Fresh Corn Chowder

This Healthy Fresh Corn Chowder Recipe is filled with fresh summer flavors and topped with hearty coconut bacon.

Healthy fresh corn chowder

Did you know that chowder has an official definition. You can’t just dress up any soup and call it a chowder, this category has some standards. To be a true chowder, soup needs to contain cream, a pork product, and potatoes.

Who landed on this strange list of qualifications, I will never know, but I am grateful that through them this delicious category of soup was born.

This Healthy Fresh Corn Chowder is a lightened up version of the original. We make a few healthy swaps that make this soup loads healthier and every bit as creamy and delicious.

Delicious healthy fresh corn chowder

So, let’s look at those essential chowder ingredients and see how we can improve on them.

Cream: As the numbers of those who are lactose intolerant are only growing, we were on a mission to make this soup creamy and delicious without the dairy. So, instead of reaching for a carton of cream, grab a handful of cashews instead. Our Healthy Fresh Corn Chowder will still be every bit as creamy and even healthier.

Instead of pouring in saturated fat and causing allergies, we get a healthy dose of unsaturated heart healthy fats and essential minerals.

Pork Product: Most chowders start with bacon, but in the name of keeping this Healthy Fresh Corn Chowder healthier, we opt for a much healthier way to add in that nice smokey flavor. The stand-in? Coconut bacon. If you haven’t heard of this food miracle yet, it is time to hop on the train. Coconut bacon is crunchy, sweet and smokey, and every bit as delicious.