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15 Everyday Habits of Organized People

Do you want to get yourself together a bit more? Does the clutter around you distract your productivity? Well, there are certain ways to live to start integrating into your days that can help with your end goal. Below, you’ll find 15 everyday habits of organized people. Start doing one – or all – of these nifty tricks and watch your life transform.

1. They Make To-Do Lists

Make a to do list

How are you to remember everything you need to do if you don’t write it down? Organized people write it all down and create to-do lists to use as guidelines. This way, things get done and in a timely fashion.

2. They Finish What They Start

Organized people start a task and they don’t stop until it’s finished. They don’t leave work projects half down and that goes for things around the house as well. They don’t accept “oh, I’ll get to it later,” attitudes. They find the time.

3. They Read Their E-mails

Check e mail

They read their e-mails and they keep up-to-date with everything on their phones. They don’t allow all of those communications to be left hanging in the wind. THis lowers their anxiety as well – and their to-do lists.

4. They Use Technology

They use it and they use it to their advantage. They learn how to utilize the tools they have – and the apps around – in the most efficient ways. Their productivity is so much greater because they know how to use things that get things done faster!

5. They Minimize

Minimize your things

De-cluttering is essential and they keep their workplace and home minimal. They don’t have excess anything. You’ll be surprised how light and clear-thinking you’d be without all the stacked “crap” that people tend to keep around.

6. They’re Financially Aware

Just like everything else in their life, they keep tabs on their finances. They look at their bank account. They pay their bills when received in the mail and they don’t let credit card bills build up.

7. They Say No

Say no

Organized – successful – people know when to say no. They know when they can’t take on any more work or share their time. This makes sure they stay on task in every part of their life.

8. They Use Planners

Planners are essential for everyone, not just students. They keep all the have-to’s and essential information in one place. And you can plan out your days so much easier this way!

9. They Ask For Help

Ask for help

Just like organized people know when to say no, they also know when to ask for help. And they take it. They know when a task is a bit too big and they need some extra hands to get it all done in time.

10. They Clean Up Excess

When they see a mess, they clean it up. They don’t wait for something else to do it or to “get to it later.” Instead, everything is kept up because they step up.

11. They Don’t Procrastinate

Never procrastinate

When something needs attention or to be done, they do it. Again, they don’t put things off on others or until later. They keep their word and their schedule.

12. They Plan Ahead

Grab those planners! Organized people are known for planning ahead. Whether it’s work or their social life, they know when they have extra time to give attention to everything in their life that matters.

13. They Have Daily Purges

Daily purges

Daily purges are essentials, especially for minimal living. Whether they clean out and purge leftovers from the fridge or papers from the countertops, this is a daily – and such a great – habit to incorporate.

14. They Keep It Where It Belongs

Everything has a place in an organized person’s life. And once the item is used, it goes back to that specific spot. This makes cleaning smuchhe easier as well.

15. They Believe In Routines

Believe in routine

Organized people, most importantly, believe and participate in routines. Mornings and bedtime routines are essential, but there may be some things you can do with your kids or at work to make everything run smoother throughout your days.

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