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Glow in The Dark Crafts

We love crafting of any kind. We often make complicated things that have taken us years to perfect the techniques for, but sometimes our very favourite projects are the silly ones we do with our kids. Few things are more rewarding than spending a fun afternoon with your little ones and seeing how their faces light up when you come up with something new and exciting for them to do. Our latest awesome crafting trend to try with our kids is so cool even we can’t get enough of it. We’ve discovered the joy of glow in the dark crafts!

Check out these amazingly awesome glowing kids’ crafts that will have your kids squealing with creative glee and feeling like they’re doing science all at once.

1. Glow stick lanterns

Glow stick lanterns

Did you know that you can make an awesomely coloured glowing lantern with just two things? We didn’t either, so imagine how excited we were when we discovered this mason jar glow lantern! Lil Blue Boo guides you through the simply steps of coating the entire jar with the glowing mixture and making sure it’s closed properly so things don’t get too messy.

2. Glow in the dark jellyfish

Glow in the dark jellyfish

Working with glow sticks is always fun, but what if you had your heart set on something a little more crafty in terms of the creative skills it takes to make it? Then help your kids’ glow crafts be actual crafting time by making these awesome glowing jellyfish with them! Craftiments shows you how to make these from paper plates, yarn, ribbons, and glow paint.

3. Non-toxic glow in the dark glitter jars

Non toxic glow in the dark glitter jars

When it comes to crafting, our policy is that glitter is always welcome and our kids completely agree. In our house, the more glitter, the better! With that in mind, we’re sure you can picture how excited our kids were when we combined glitter with glow paint! Check out how these sparkly spotted glowing jars are made on The Connection We Share.

4. Glow in the dark bubbles

Glow in the dark bubbles

Growing a Jeweled Rose guides you through the awesomely fun process of creating bubbles that literally glow in the dark when you blow them. Even we were impressed! Bubble soap might not be something that you use with very small kids, but as long as your children are old enough to learn not to suck backwards through the straw and ingest the soap, this idea will be a big hit!