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DIY Inspiration: Fur Pom Pom Hair Tie

Winter is in full spin with its freezing temperatures and fluffy textures are starting to pop up like mushrooms all over our lives: at home furry blankets and warm carpets make the place cozy, we wear all sorts of soft coats and fur vests to keep us warm. To complete the mood, I think a cute little dyed pom pom would fit in just perfectly. Be aware, because of its tiny little cuteness, you’ll want to make more and more after you’ve tried this tutorial! They are actually so versatile because of the little size, you can sew or glue them to basically anything you feel good about; think about legwarmers, think about scarves or winter hats. Don’t come back crying you can’t stop yourself, I’ve warned you!

diy fur headband set 2

One last note before we start to craft: I recommend using faux fur, mainly because I love animals and couldn’t stand the use of their skin and secondly because if I’m a DIYer it means I like to make things on a budget, which naturally excludes the far more expensive solution, aka real fur. With that said, you’re absolutely free to do whatever you prefer! So let’s make!

diy fur headband supplies

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • small amount of faux fur
  • scissors
  • matching thread and needle
  • hair tie

diy fur headband cut

Start by cutting out a rectangle circa 3.9×3.9 inches (10×10 cm), fluffly side down.

diy fur headband sew half

Sew together two opposite edges, like shown in the picture above.

diy fur headband sew square

Sew together the other two edges, to make all the fluffy side come out.

diy fur headband burrito

Now image it as (sort of) a rectangle shape again. You want to roll two opposite edges around your finger (like a burrito!) and sew them together.

diy fur headband sweet

Now pinch the other two edges like I’m doing, and sew exactly there. You should end up with a sweet shape like the one above.

diy fur headband pompom

Finally, bring together the two pinched areas and sew right together. The thing should have something like a round-ish shape, but if there are any pointy edges still coming out, do sew them back in towards the center of the ball.

diy fur headband band

In the end, just sew your fluffy new friend to the hair tie and you’re all set to go! Soft, warm & tremendously cute!

diy fur headband set

diy fur hair tie set-2

diy fur hair tie set

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