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20 Genius and Funky Plastic Animal DIY Projects

We’ve all seen them by now. A plastic lion head on a wall or a hippo but glued to a mason jar. They’re quirky, they’re fun … but they’re also kind of genius. And we’re sharing 20 of the most stylish, more innovative and most functional ways of using them. Check out our list of our favorite funky plastic animal DIY projects!

1. Magnets

DIY Plastic Animals Magnets

Lovely Indeed shows off how to cut these little toys in half to create fun magnets for the fridge … using both fronts and backs! It’s a genius idea and easy to do!

2. Place Cards

DIY Plastic Animal Place Cards

Check out these bunny place cards made by The Sweetest Occasion! They’re the perfect way to top off a bridal shower, baby shower or tea party!

3. Ring Holder

DIY Plastic Animal Ring Holder

Small Good Things made these genius ring holders with a simplicity and innovation. Little kitchen covered in beautiful colors, attached with a tac – you’ll never lose you favorite rings again!

4. Drawer Handles

DIY Plastic Animal Drawer Handles

Jazz up your drawers with some animals heads (or behinds!). We love this quirky finish and we’re amazing at how easy is was to make happen thanks to Design Sponge.

5. Mounted Art

DIY Plastic Animal Mounted Art

The Haps showed off this adorable, and chic, wall mounted art idea and we’ve been busy thinking about all the ways to show it off in our own homes.

6. Decor

DIY PLastic Animal project

You can always paint your animals and create some simple, posh decor for your home like heodeza did. On the mantle, coffee table or even on the entryway buffet, these can easily accent.

7. Checkers

DIY Plastic Animal Checkerboard

Over at Hank & Hunt you can learn how and get inspired by making a checkerboard full of color and festivity! Personalize the playing piece and have fun with different shades.

8. Necklace

DIY Plastic Animal Necklace

You can even make this necklace using plastic animals from the toy store! Ooh shows us, step-by-step, how she created this fun piece so hop over and see it!

9. Glitter Globe

DIY Glitter Globe Plastic Animal

The DIY Network just showed us the most whimsical and magical of projects. Plastic animals inside glitter globes are incredibly innovative, perfect best friend presents and the kids will love them!

10. Mobile

DIY Plastic Animal Mobile

You could even make an animal mobile for your child’s playroom or nursery with a few plastic animals, colored to your choice! Take a peek at The Gold Jellybean for a peek at how!

11. Bookends

DIY Plastic Animal Bookends

Love Grows Wild use some plastic elephants and made some bookends! It’s perfect for a quirky home office or child’s room – and again, you can have as much fun with colors as you’d like.

12. Canvases

DIY Plastic Animal Canvases

Here’s another art piece that we’re swooning over. Mount those plastic animal heads onto some canvases and create a fun collage wherever you need a sprucing. These were creating by Mod Podge Rocks!

13. Stir Sticks

DIY Plastic Animal Cocktail Stir Sticks

From cocktails to mocktails, brighten up your drinks for the party with these easy DIY from Lilyshop! We couldn’t be more excited about this genius little idea and how great of a detail it would make for a variety of events.

14. Cake Topper

DIY Plastic Animal Cake Topper

Brought to you by Camille Styles, here’s two ideas in one! Create a funky cake topper with some plastic animals, but know that you can dress them for Christmastime too!

15. Cake Stand

DIY Plastic Animal Cake Stand

Toppers are genius but so are cake stands made from some of our feline friends. A Beautiful Mess did it right with this tutorial.

16. Photo Holder

DIY Plastic Animal Photo Holder

Again, we were at The Gold Jellybean and stumbled upon a DIY, which included some golden animals, that we fell in love with. Use plastic toys and create adorable photo holders!

17. Jar Lids

DIY Plastic Animal Jar Lids

Whether it’s a mason or a baby food jar, you can make some pretty adorable toppers for them. Upcycle Your Life shows us how to create this functional little project with ease.

18. Candles

DIY Plastic Animal Candles

A birthday cake isn’t complete without the candles. And you can personalize that special addition with this idea from Lisa GoLightly!

19. Garland

DIY Plastic Animal Garland

Whether it’s for a party or to adorn the kiddos’ play room, this plastic dino garland is just too cute for words. Grab your spray can and a take at peek at the tutorial at HGTV.

20. Keychains

DIY Plastic Animal Key Chains

Ginger Snaps created these o-so-adorable keychains with a bit of hardware and paint. And we’ve fallen in love with their creativity, charm and ease!

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