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Create A Memorable Bridal Shower With These 50 Different Themes!

Bridal showers are a memorable time in the bride-to-be’s planning process. The culmination of daydreaming, planning and celebrating happens when she gets “showered” with gifts that her and the groom get to enjoy and keep for years to come. But what can make that day even more special is the styling and creation behind the event! Create a memorable bridal shower with these 50 different themes according to the bride’s personality, tastes and favorite things!

1. Travel Time!

View more: https://alycarroll pass us/shellysarverdesigns

Check out this adventure of a bridal shower over at the Ultimate Bridesmaid. If the bride-to-be is a travel-lover or she just can’t way to Jetset with her groom after the wedding, this is the theme for her!

2. Pancake Breakfast

Pancake breakfast bridal shower theme

Give the bridal shower a unique twist by celebrating at brunchtime with a pancake breakfast! Add all the toppings and snag some ideas from this spread at Once Wed.

3. Neons + Neutrals

Neon and neutral bridal shower

Over at Ruffled we found this gorgeous inspiration for a neon and neutral celebration that was absolutely stunning. It’s so unique too and because it’s a color theme, food and design can go in so many different directions!

4. Garden Party

Garden theme bridal shower

Hostess with the Mostess inspired us deeply with this garden-flavored celebration! “Rooted in Love” signs, carrot cake and more can be wonderful additions to this fun.

5. Ice Cream Social

Ice cream bridal shower theme

You could always throw an ice cream shower for the bride-to-be. Create an ice cream sundae party and theme all the decor around those delicious toppings. (via Cooking Channel)

6. White Out

All white bridal shower theme

Dress the day in all-white for a nod to the bride-to-be and a beautiful, monochromatic finish. From the sweet to the decor, take a hint from this spread at 100 Layer Cake.

7. Alice in Wonderland

Ruffled photo by https://www jessieholloway com https://ruffledblog com/wonderland inspired bridal shower/

Ruffled showcased a gorgeous, Alice in Wonderland themed party that we’re swooning over. It’s one of the more popular choices but also one of the most fun!

8. Lemons

Lemon bridal shower theme

This is a two-in-one theme, lemony yellows fill the room but you can also theme the decor and food around this fruit as well. Check the idea out at Oh Lovely Day.

9. Circus

Circus bridal shower theme

Have a super festive celebration by creating a fashion-forward circus theme for everyone to enjoy. Popping colors and gilded gold animals are just the beginning. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

10. The Fairgrounds

Fair bridal shower theme

Similar to the circus, you can also create an upscale fairgrounds themed party! Snow cones, popcorn machines and more can come together to create a memorable event just like this one from Ultimate Bridesmaid.

11. Cabin in the Woods

View more: https://laura elizabethphotography pass us/jens bridal shower

Make it an antique adventure by snagging a cabin in the forest for a relaxed vibe. Decorate with vintage knick-knacks and pieces that evoke a bit of mystery like we see here at Ultimate Bridesmaid.

12. Farmhouse

Farmhouse bridal shower theme

For those that live in the country or that are inspired by the farmland experience, why not create a shower around that cozy vibe? Check out this feature at Ruffled.

13. Kentucky Derby

Kentucky derby bridal shower theme

Create a day at the races with this idea from Wedding Chicks. Wear hats, sip on mint juleps and create a homey, southern experience for all of the guests.

14. Something Blue

Something blue bridal shower theme

Hostess with the Mostess also gave us a great idea for a bridal shower theme: Something Blue! It’s a nod to some wedding day luck and a beautiful color theme to follow.

15. Mug Decorating

Mug decorating bridal shower theme

Lauren Wells gave us another great idea … have the gals come together and indulge in a mug making party. The bride and groom will have a personalized set full of fun!

16. Kate Spade

Kate spade bridal shower theme

What gal doesn’t love Kate Spade’s style? Theme your entire event after the designer’s favorites looks and use The Perfect Palette‘s look for inspiration.

17. 1990’s

1990's bridal shower theme

Where are all the 90’s ladies and lovers at? Have a bridal shower that shouts and screams the bride’s childhood like this funky setup from PopSugar.

18. French Feminine

French bridal shower theme

Personally, I love a good French theme. It’s feminine, it’s fun and it’s perfect for a bride to be celebrated with. And we love this spread from 100 Layer Cake.

19. Mod-Inspired

Mod bridal shower theme

If you’re inspired by 1960’s and mod styling then you’ll want to check out this gorgeous theme. Have everyone dress up and crank of the swanky tunes. (via 100 Layer Cake)

20. Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day bridal shower theme

You can always plan the shower around Valentine’s Day like the one seen at Wedding Chicks. It doesn’t have to fall exactly on February 14th – but how awesome would that be?

21. Little Black Dress

Little black dress bridal shower theme

Have all the guests where little black dresses while the bride stands out in the color of her choice. It’s a simple theme that really packs a punch! (via GWS)

22. Denim

Denim bridal shower theme

How does a denim-inspired bridal shower sound? It’s completely unique and perfect for those ladies that love a classic tee and jean on the weekends. Thanks 100 Layer Cake, again!

23. Buttons

Button theme bridal shower

You can always go with some buttons for a light and charming event. Check out Carter & Cook Event Co. to get inspired.

24. Hunger Games

Hunger games bridal shower theme

PopSugar inspired us with a great idea by showcases some Hunger Games wedding ideas. Why not throw a bridal shower based around the books and movies?

25. Honeybee

Honeybee bridal shower

If you’re looking for something sweet, you’ll need to hop back over to PopSugar and check out this honeybee themed bridal shower that’s absolutely swoon-worthy and unique!

26. Hawaiian

Aloha pineapple bridal shower inspiration 5

100 Layer Cake shows off a pretty Hawaiian themed bridal shower that we’re loving too. This can get super fun and would be perfect for those jetsetting off to Hawaii for a honeymoon!

27. Candy

Candy themed bridal shower

If you visit Martha Stewart Weddings you may come across this candy themed bridal shower full of color and sweetness. It would be hard not to enjoy this one, don’t you think?

28. Lingerie

Lingerie bridal shower theme

Thanks to Gusto and Grace, you’ve got the inspiration for creating a bridal shower based around all of the new and lacey items you’ll be stocking your drawers with.

29. Chanel

Chanel bridal shower theme

Chanel is another great designer to theme a bridal shower behind. The style is unmatched, recognizable and classic. My True Blu gave some great ideas.

30. Rainy Day

Rainy day bridal shower theme

Ruffled had a more literal theme in mind and we love it! Create an entire day filled with raindrops and umbrellas while you “shower” your bride with love and gifts!

31. Cooking

Cooking bridal shower theme

Why not have a simple, classic cooking bridal shower? Everything can be themed around food and you can even get the gals together to create a dish! Thanks for the inspiration Martha Stewart Weddings!

32. Holidays

Holiday bridal shower theme

If you plan on celebrating your bridal shower around Christmastime, why not theme it around the holidays? It’s festive, it’s warm and everyone will love it! (via MSW)

33. Movie Star

Movie star bridal shower theme

Check out PopSugar for some insight on how to throw a bridal shower with movie star style infused. It’ll be one of the most fun of the bunch!

34. Spicy & Sweet

Sweet & spicy bridal shower theme

100 Layer Cake does it again with these creative and innovative bridal shower theme. A spicy and sweet celebration that includes recipes from every guest for the bride to keep!

35. Soda Pop Shop

Soda pop shop bridal shower theme

How fun and adorable is this theme idea from Wedding Chicks?! A soda pop shop full of retro vibes and lots of sweet bubbles to sip on.

36. Slumber Party

Slumber party bridal shower theme

And now we have another great idea from 100 Layer Cake. Throw a fun slumber party for your girlfriends to enjoy right alongside the bride-to-be!

37. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Breakfast at tiffanys bridal shower theme

Here’s a dream theme for all brides to swoon over. 100 Layer Cake has all of the details and inspiration you need to recreate one of your own right at home.

38. Girl Scouts

Girl scout bridal shower theme

One of the most adorable and charming ideas of the bunch, Green Wedding Shoes shows us how to inspire the gals with a Girl Scout-themed bridal shower. Don’t forget the cookies!

39. Julia Child

Julie child bridal shower theme

For those that love to cook or may just be a fan of French food or Julia Child herself, this is a fantastic theme idea from Wedding Chicks! It’s cozy, welcoming and unique too; with so many wonderful options for bites and sips.

40. Wine & Cheese

Wine and cheese bridal shower theme

Have a beautiful spread of wine and cheese for all of the gals to enjoy. Have reds, whites, sharps and softs and maybe even some chocolate and chutney thrown it too. (via Style Me Pretty)

41. Hello Kitty

Hello kitty bridal shower theme

Who loves Hello Kitty? This idea from Bridal Musings provides proof of how you can turn anything into a fab bridal shower theme, even a blast from the past!

42. Princesses

Princess bridal shower theme

Play “pretty pretty princess” but in a grown up way by grabbing inspiration from this gorgeous blush and gold feature from Amy Atlas. There’s princess flair all over the place!

43. Mermaids

Mermaid bridal shower theme

The Wedding Chicks served us up a personal favorite bridal shower theme: MERMAIDS! We love the subtle accents from the scalloped cake to the seashell cookies!

44. Glamping

Glamping bridal shower theme

Green Wedding Shoes provided us with some inspiration to springboard from as well. How does a glamping trip sound for you and the gals?

45. Watercolors

Watercolor bridal shower theme

Here’s another color themed party we found over at Style Me Pretty. We love the romance, subtly and whimsy of the entire spread – and the versatile into specific style genres!

46. Strawberry Fields

Strawberry bridal shower

There’s something really youthful and special about this “strawberry fields” inspired bridal shower. And we love every part of what’s happening with the details at Wedding Chicks.

47. Beachfront

Beach theme bridal shower

Check out this gorgeous beach-themed bridal shower featured over at Style Me Pretty. We love the chicness of the event but also the seaside touches all around too.

48. Sparkle, Glitter & Shine

Sparkle bridal shower theme

Studio DIY gave us this DIY for glittered balloons but we can’t help but to think that an entire bridal shower focused around sparkle, glitter and lots of shine would be an absolutely fabulous event.

49. BBQ Picnic

Pinic bridal shower theme

Eric Kelley Photography snapped this photo and it inspired us to believe a BBQ picnic could be something special to enjoy with the gals as the bride receives all of her goodies! Just think of all the food possibilities!

50. Retro Tiki Party

Retro tiki party bridal shower

If someone has a beautiful, outdoor pool … utilize it! Create a funky, retro tiki party for all the gals to enjoy and grab inspiration from this spread at 100 Layer Cake.

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