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Add Glamour to Your Wrist With This Easy Fishtail Bracelet

Glamming up a bare wrist has never been easier. Whether it’s a cuff, a watch or roped bracelet, you can easily add an accessory for an effortless fashion statement.

Ever since I was a teen, I’ve created hemp and rope bracelets. I would make so many different styles in a variety of colors and loved to give them to my friends as friendship bracelets. If you’ve already perfected the fishtail braid in your hair, then this DIY should be a be a breeze. Today, I want to share another simple friendship bracelet any teen could make and give to someone special.

Fishtail Bracelet DIY

Materials to make Fishtail Bracelet

For this DIY, you’ll need leather cord- this here is a pack consisting of 3 yards- rope, ribbon clasps, scissors, super glue, and pliers.

Rope Bracelet

I purchased 3 yards of cord from my local craft store, but only needed about 12 inches of it. Fold the thicker cord in half and wrap around the wrist to measure the length you need.

Be sure to over estimate a little, just in case you mess up and need to cut a bit more of it off than expected. It should fit loosely as the bracelet will tighten once the second cord is weaved onto it.  In total, I used about 12 inches. Cut the cord at the halfway point so that you now have two separate pieces. This is the base of the bracelet. If the ends become frayed, secure them with a tiny bit of superglue. This will help the ends to slide into the ribbon clasps more easily.

Keep the blue cord (or the second color chosen) still attached to the original packaging. There’s no need to cut this until the end of the weaving process- and keeping it attached will ensure you have enough cord to finish the bracelet.

Prepare to create the Fishtail Bracelet

Line the three ends together and slide into one of the ribbon clasps. I have lined them up with the two white cords on the ends and the blue color in the middle. This way of aligning them ensures that the middle color is the primary color you see when wearing the bracelet. Use the pliers to secure the clasp tight. When it is closed, the cords should not move or fall out.

Wrap the blue cord

Wrap the blue cord on top of the right cord, and around the underside of the right cord to the middle. Then wrap it on top of the left cord, and underneath the left cord to the middle. Continue making this pattern, working right and then left and so on. Periodically push up the blue cord so it is taught.

Continue wrapping

Once you’ve reached the end, wrap the bracelet around the wrist to check the fit. Repeat this as needed or until you have ran out of white cord. Snip the ends and secure with super glue any frayed ends down.

Modern Fishtail Bracelet

As with the opposite end, attach the ribbon clasp to the end of the bracelet and secure it tightly with pliers. Make an entire bucket of these for a teen girl’s party. These are simple, customizable bracelets that can also be created as bridesmaid gifts, coworker gifts, and most definitely can fit in a Christmas stocking!

How to make a Fishtail Bracelet

How to wear a Fishtail Bracelet

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