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25 Beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments

The holidays are just around the corner, which means that it’s time to start thinking about decorating the tree if you celebrate Christmas. And although it’s fun to go out shopping for ornaments, it can become quite pricey – so why not make your own unique decorations? Here are 25 of our very favorite Christmas ornament tutorials to get you started.

1. Glass Sharpie Ornaments

sharpie glass ornaments

These DIY Sharpie ornaments couldn’t be easier to make, and they’re really quite elegant. All you’ll need are a few glass ornaments (which should be available at almost any craft store) and a gold Sharpie. Jenna Burger will show you the rest here. You could try other Sharpie colors too, if you’re not partial to gold.

2. DIY Airplant Ornament

diy tutorial airplant gold

This project uses round glass ornaments as well, but with a much different effect. This time the ball is dipped into gold paint and then an air plant is slipped inside. Air plants are very trendy these days, so your friends are sure to ooh and ahh over this one. Head over to Feminine Modern to find out how to make your own.

3. Stamped Salt Dough Ornaments

diy salt dough christmas ornaments

These beautiful ornaments don’t look like they’re made of salt dough, thanks in part to their unique stamping treatment. And you don’t have to stick with the round shape, you could experiment with different cookie cutters as well. Head over to Living Your Creative to check out the step-by-step instructions.

4. “Wood Burned” Ornaments

joy wood slice ornament

This beauty has the appearance of being burned, but the design is actually done using a transfer technique that involves an ink jet printer. Head over to Mountain Modern Life to check out the tutorial (there’s a link to the “burning” tutorial, too). This is a great way to add some rustic charm to your Christmas Tree.

5. Glitter Dipped Feather Ornaments

glitter dipped feather ornaments

These feather ornaments are dipped in various shimmering things like glitter and rock salt, and there’s also some silver leaf involved. The one on the left is made of birch bark, and the one on the right is a real feather. Head over to Anthropology’s blog to find out how to recreate these ornaments yourself.

6. Kate Spade-Inspired Ornaments

kate spade inspired ornaments

These ornaments are lovely on their own, but they’re even more fantastic for those of us who love Kate Spade! The patterns are created by taping off certain areas and then spraying with gold glitter spray paint. And the addition of the black and white striped ribbons are just perfect. Check out the tutorial at Hi Sugarplum.

7. Felt Christmas Tree Ornament

felt christmas tree ornament

This whimsical little ornament is made from layers upon layers of felt squares… it’s really quite genius! All you’ll need is felt, glue and some string to make a loop for hanging. Head over to This Heart of Mine Blog to find out how to make one of these yourself. You could customize it any way you like, too.

8. Book Page Ornaments

Book Page Ornaments

These stunning snowflake shaped ornaments looked like they have been quilled, but they are actually made with strips of old book pages, hot glue and some glitter at the end. They’re easier to make than the look. Make your way over to Tifani Lyn’s blog to find out how to make these yourself.

9. Gold Dipped Ornaments

Gold Dipped Ornaments

These ornaments look quite lovely together and are incredibly easy to make. The combination of black, white, gray and gold along with red ribbons makes for a modern yet festive display. Check out the full tutorial over at the Suburble blog. And do make sure to use multi-surface paint!

10. Pinecone Bow Ornament

pinecone bow diy ornament

Not only is this one easy to make, it also consists of things that you might actually already have at home. Go grab a pinecone outside, and use whatever ribbon and twine you have on hand. Head over to Make It – Love It to find out exactly how to assemble this lovely pinecone ornament.

11. Gold Woodland Ornaments

DIY Gold Gilded Woodland Ornaments

These adorable little ornaments are made of plain old plastic figurines which are spray painted gold for a completely different look. And the blue felt is a nice touch, a welcome departure from the typical ribbon that is used to hang most ornaments. Check out the full tutorial over at the City Farmhouse blog.

12. Mini Wreath Ornament

mini wreath ornament

This miniature wreath ornament is a good alternative for those of you who prefer a more muted, rustic sort of theme. All you’ll need for this one is some hemp string, colored felt and some red and white ribbon. Make your way over to Love Create Celebrate to find out all the details about this lovely little piece.

13. Painted Paper Maché Ornaments

painted paper mache ornaments

For those of you who prefer a more colorful Christmas tree, give these beautifully painted paper maché ornaments a try. You’ll need pre-made paper maché ornaments, paint and a brush. How simple is that?! Make your way over to the Oh Happy Day blog to find out  all the details and to see more photos.

14. Twig Snowflake

twig snowflake ornament

This gorgeous snowflake ornament is sure to please anybody who enjoys a country-style Christmas. And the good news about this project is that you may already have all of the materials you need – twigs, evergreen sprigs, buttons, glitter and twine. Check out the full photo tutorial over at Little Things Bring Smiles.

15. Metallic Acorn Ornament

silver acorn diy ornament

This stunning acorn shaped ornament looks more complicated than it actually is…  all you’ll need is a styrofoam egg, large sequins and sewing pins. The beautiful acorn shape is a pleasant departure from the typical round ornaments that you see everywhere. Check out the full tutorial over at the Skunkboy blog.

16. Spiky Book Page Ornament

spikey paper ornaments

Although this is not your traditional sort of holiday ornament, it’s really quite beautiful in a unique way. The shape feels a bit mid-century modern, while the material (book pages) lends a rustic sort of sensibility. Make your way over to A Creative Dreamer to find out exactly how to recreate this spiked beauty.

17. Wooden Paint-Dipped Ornaments

Do It Yourself wooden christmas ornaments

If understated and simple is more your style, these round wooden ornaments might be perfect for you. They are dipped in copper and white paint for a subtle touch of glamour, and hung using small hook and eye screws. Head over to Tara Victoria’s blog to find out exactly how to make a few of these pretty balls.

18. Walnut Reindeer

Reindeer Ornament Walnut Crafts

For a touch of whimsy, give these cute walnut reindeer a try. You’ll need whole walnuts, brown felt, mini pom poms, ribbon and glue, and the assembly is easy. Check out the tutorial over at Red Ted Art. And if you’re really feeling motivated, make a whole group of them – Rudolph, Donner, Blitzen….

19. Balsa Wood Diamond

balsa wood diamond ornament

Believe it or not, this diamond shaped ornament is actually made from scratch using balsa wood glued to paper to form the lovely diamond shape. Find out how over at A Beautiful Mess, where they give instructions and even provide a template. It may take some extra time, but it will surely be worth the effort!

20. “Gingerbread” Men

cinnamon salt dough ornaments

These adorable “gingerbread” men are actually made out of cinnamon salt dough, but it doesn’t really matter since you’ll be hanging them on your tree rather than eating them. They look so darn cute with those checkered scarves, don’t they?! Check out the tutorial over at Where Your Treasure Is.

21. DIY Himmeli Ornaments

diy himmeli ornament

These unique geometric ornaments are made in the style of a himmeli, a traditional Finnish ornament made of straw. These are made using actual paper straws, a fun play on the popular striped straw trend. Make your way over to Nalle’s House to find out exactly how to recreate these stunners.

22. Quilled Paper Snowflake

quilled snowflake ornament

Quilling, a technique that involves wrapping strips of paper around a stick, makes for the perfect Christmas ornament with its intricate details and gorgeous spirals and curves. Head over to Reese Dixon’s blog to find out how to quill, and also to check out the tutorial for this specific project.

23. Cement Star Ornaments

cement star decorations

These cement stars are a tad bit modern, and also whimsical at the same time. And the lovely paint dipped look adds a certain appeal to them as well. And because they’re so small, they won’t weigh your tree down like larger cement ornaments would. Check out the full tutorial over at Yeobo.

24. Folded Paper Ornaments

paper tree ornaments

Although these ornament look complicated, they are actually quite easy to make. All you’ll need is a bunch of white paper, scissors and some string. Make your way over to the Design and Form blog to find out exactly how to cut the paper pieces so they form these stunning rounded shapes.

25. Origami Ornaments

origami diamond ornaments

Origami is another technique that lends itself to Christmas ornaments, thanks to the ornate shapes you can create and the lightness of the paper. These colorful diamond shaped paper ornaments will add a pop to any Christmas tree. Head over to How About Orange to check out the full tutorial.

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