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18 Faux Stained Glass Projects To Experiment With

Big or small, a bit of stained glass around the house can be quite the striking addition. And who knew you could create something of this magnitude all on your own. Of course, the kiddos can create some beauties too. We’ve compiled 18 faux stained glass projects to experiment with – now take a peek!

1. Kitchen Window

Faux stained glass window diy

A Beautiful Mess gives us the best project to start off our faux stained glass DIY list with. Brighten up the kitchen with this bit of inspiration!

2. With Leaves

Diy faux stained glass

Hop on over to Bob Vila if you’re feeling some type of way for fall. We love this addition in a more unsuspecting part of the house.

3. Small Floral

Small floral stained glass

Instructables has a smaller project to try your hand out. Learn how to make a simple floral piece to brighten up the porch or kitchen area with.

4. Wall Art

Stained glass wall art diy

Have the kids dive into this project with the help from Smart School House. Have a beautiful, stained glass piece fixated anywhere with your kiddo’s personal twist on each.

5. Mario

Mario stained glass project diy