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Sparkly DIY Projects for Glitter Lovers

Everyone loves glitter! Okay… so maybe not everyone loves the mess that it makes while you’re crafting, but the end results sure are gorgeous! If you can contain the mess (or if you don’t mind having a light dusting of sparkle across all of your things), then glitter projects are some of the most DIY fun you’ll have. They also make for super fun decor pieces!

Check out these easy glitter ideas for people whose lives need just a little more shine!

1. Glitter bottle cap necklaces

Glitter bottle cap necklaces

This craft is a double bonus: it’s sparkly and it upcycles! Madigan Made shows you how to transform old bottle caps into adorable jewelry.

2. Glitter bowl

Glitter bowl

Hometalk walks you through the process of creating your very own glitter bowl using a balloon, some glitter, and some glue!

3. Glitter striped cork board

Glitter striped cork board

Even just a subtle hint of glitter throughout your day can cheer you right up! Try making Madigan Made’s glitter striped cork board and see for yourself.

4. Glitter dipped candle jars

Glitter dipped candle jars

With a little bit of paint and glitter (and maybe some sealing spray if you’re worried about sparkle shedding), it’s super easy to make cute candle holders from old mason jars. Madigan Made shows you how.

5. Glitter keys

Glitter keys

Have you ever had trouble telling your keys apart? That’s easy to fix, and you can do it with glitter! Check out this super easy method on A Little Obsessed.

6. Glitter seashell ornaments

Glitter seashell ornaments

Madigan Made shows you how simple it can be to create adorable seaside themed ornaments for your Christmas tree (or just for year-round decor)!

7. Glitter notebooks

Glitter notebooks

Having a notebook in your purse for making lists and writing down ideas is always useful, but it’s even better when the notebook is fabulously glittered. Check out the tutorial on Madigan Made!

8. DIY glitter hangers

Diy glitter hangers

Glittering your hangers is the best and brightest way to organize your clothing! Follow the instructions on A Bubbly Life.

9. DIY glitter and acrylic tray

Diy glitter and acrylic tray

Whether you use the tray to serve drinks to guests or to stash pens and note paper near your home phone, glittering the bottom of a tray turns something useful into something useful and stylish.

10. Glittered drinking jars

 Glittered drinking jars

Getting all the water you need in a day isn’t easy, but having something really fun to drink it out of can make it easier! Try making Madigan Made‘s glittered drinking jars to test the theory!

11. Glittered falling leaves garland

Glittered falling leaves garland

These dried sparkly leaves make the perfect decor piece for fall! Follow the steps on House of Jade Interiors to make your own.

12. DIY glitter boxes

Diy glitter boxes

Simple glittered boxes make perfect gift boxes or storage. Madigan Made shows you how to make them from small plastic containers by glittering the inside so they lose the least amount of sparkle as you use them!

13. DIY glitter tabletop

Diy glitter tabletop

Subtle glitter is fun when it comes to decor, but sometimes a sparkly statement piece is just what a room needs! Madigan Made reminds you that it’s easier to make a glitter topped table than you might think.

14. DIY glitter crayons

Diy glitter crayons

Factory Direct Crafts shows you how to make your own glittery crayons in just a few easy steps. Your kids will love the effect when they colour!

15. Glitter calm down jars

Glitter calm down jars

Your kids (and probably you) will find it oddly calming to watch the glitter settle in these quiet time jars. Hodge Podge Craft shows you how to make these cute little de-stressing tools.

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