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20 Easy Crochet Baby Blankets

Receiving a baby blanket from someone when you have a new arrival is a lovely feeling but, having done both before, we’re actually convinced that the feeling of gifting one to another new parent is even more satisfying. We are constantly crocheting new kinds of baby blankets for the people we love who are expecting, so we keep a running list of lovely patterns we just can’t wait to try.

Just in case you love crocheting handmade baby blankets just as much as we do, if not more, here are 20 if the nicest patterns from our list!

1. Pastel Baby afghan

Pastel baby afghan

Of course, you can choose whatever you please when you crochet, but we love the original pastels of this design from Roseanna Beck! Besides that, we can hardly even believe how adorable the lovely scalloped border is all around the edge, especially in contrast to the pretty stitch featured in the rest of the blanket.

2. Single Crochet baby blanket

Single crochet baby blanket

Are you actually still kind of a beginner but you’re still determined to crochet an entire blanket for someone you really love? Well, if you’re already comfortable with single crochet as a stitch chain, then we don’t think you’ll have any problems at all with this lovely little blanket outlined on Gretchkal’s Yarn Adventures.

3. Ashley’s Baby Afghan pattern

Ashley's baby afghan pattern

Just in case you’re still interested in stripes but you’d rather have some interesting contrast in there as well, here’s an idea from Crochet n’ More that gives you full instructions for making solid rows alternate with eyelet rows in a pretty way!

4. The Queen of Hearts baby blanket

The queen of hearts baby blanket

Here’s another simple blanket, but this time in a chunkier yarn and with a lovely contrasting border, making it only marginally more difficult than the single crochet one we showed you (but just as cozy)! Get the full details for making your own on The Crochet Crowd.

5. Fast, Free, and Easy baby blanket

Fast, free, and easy baby blanket

Just in case you’re still feeling intimidated, here’s a lovely baby blanket that will make your loved ones feel how much you care but that is actually even easier than the simple one we showed you before! That makes it perfect for fresh beginners who want to challenge themselves. Get the full details on The Spruce Crafts.

6. Mile a Minute baby blanket

Mile a minute baby blanket

Just in case you’re actually a quite experienced crochet enthusiast who is interested in stripes but wants a little more to it, here’s a lovely lacy pattern that involves framing each individual strip with a lovely neutral in order to make the colours and details really pop. See how it’s done a little more closely on Who Wants to Be Martha When I can Be Me.

7. Baby Bubbles afghan

Baby bubbles afghan

Have you actually been hoping to find a baby blanket that’s a little more fun and kid friendly looking, perhaps with some neat texture? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how All Crafts created these fantastic little bubbles all across the surface of their cute striping afghan!

8. Granny Ripple baby afghan

Granny ripple baby afghan

If you’ve ever done a simple granny stitch then we’re sure you already know how enjoyable it is, as well as how classically “crocheted” it looks, but did you know that it’s a lot of fun to make into patterns too? We love the way The KC Experience used it to created waving chevrons rather than just straight stripes!

9. Ribbon Edged Granny afghan

Ribbon edged granny afghan

Yes, you read that correctly; one this fantastic pattern has shown you how to crochet the entire blanket and make the border, Crochet n’ More also walks you through the process of weaving fine ribbon through the edges to get that little bit of delicate shimmer! You could also try doing it with a contrast colour to make it stand out a little more.

10. Lacy Round Ripple afghan

Lacy round ripple afghan

Not every baby blanket you crochet has to be a square or rectangle! We actually love beginning in the middle and working our way out in a circular pattern, particularly in patterns that involve stitches shapes as stunning as the ones you’ll see in this blanket pattern featured on Stitchery Projects. We also adore the way the edge waves and frills!

11. Diagonal rainbows baby blanket

Diagonal rainbows baby blanket

Just in case you’re looking for a basic shape and some subtle stitching but preferably a lot of colour, here’s a cute baby blanket that’s cheerful to look at and quite simple to do! Check out how Underground Crafter made it with a repeating stripe pattern mimicking the actual rainbow, plus a subtle border.

12. Baby Star blanket

Baby star blanket

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about crocheting blankets from the middle outward but you’d rather do a shape that’s a little cuter than just a circle? in that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Crochet Crowd made this fantastic star shaped blanket with alternative white and adorably coloured stripes! This might be our favourite baby blanket on the list.

13. Rippled Security blanket

Rippled security blanket

Just in case you were quite interested in the chevrons but you’re not sure that you actually want to make your stripes quite so big, here’s an alternate idea that shows you how to create a set of lines that are kind of wavy, like a ripple. Get the full details from Underground Crafter!

14. Rumpled Rippled Rainbow baby afghan

Rumpled rippled rainbow baby afghan

We’ve shown you all of these elements separately by this point but what if you want stripes, rainbows, waves, and chevrons all in one place? Then we’d say you simply must try your hand at this fantastically bright and fun pattern featured on Kids, Cookies, and Crafts!

15. Peach lace baby blanket

Peach lace baby blanket

Have you actually been feeling quite confident in your crochet skills lately so you’d been considering trying your hand at some eyelets and lace knitting? In that case, we think you simply must take a look at this stunning baby blanket from A Little Old Fashioned. It’s actually simpler to do than it looks!

16. Basket Weave baby blanket

Basket weave baby blanket

Just in case you’re still looking for something with a little texture to it, visually and to the touch, here’s a kind of stitch we actually adore creating! Check out how Delia Creates carefully made a basket weave effect in just a few simple steps, repeated. We think the border really finishes the look off!

17. Tunisian Entrelac Squares baby afghan

Tunisian entrelac squares baby afghan

Did we catch your attention when we started talking about more advanced techniques because you’ve been crocheting for many years but you’re looking for something even more intricate than lace crochet? Then we’d absolutely suggest taking a look at how The Crochet Crowd patched an impressive baby blanket together from stunning entrelac squares like the one you see above.

18. Ruffled Edges baby blanket

Ruffled edges baby blanket

Just in case you’re a mixed materials crafting lover, here’s a project that’s totally along that vein! We love the way Petals to Picots simply crochet a nice, sizeable baby blanket but then fancied it up by sewing a ruffled fabric border all the way around the edge. It’s very girly and fun!

19. Baby Cable blanket

Baby cable blanket

Cables might sound like the kind of technique you only really hear about in knitting, but we’re happy to report that you can actually make them quite simply in crochet as well! That’s why we knew we just had to include this blanket from Alex Lawson; it’s nothing short of stunning.

20. Animal Parade baby blanket

Animal parade baby blanket

Have you actually always been a big fan of colour work because you love being able to make little images from your stitches? In that case, we’d definitely suggest taking a look at how Knit A Bit, Crochet Away made this lovely squares grid blanket that features all kinds of cute animals, from roosters to elephants!

Do you have another favourite baby blanket crochet pattern that you’ve made before and absolutely adored but that you don’t see here on our list? Tell us all about it or link us to the pattern and photos of your finished blanket so we can all see how fantastic it is!

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