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20 Easy Crochet Baby Blankets

Receiving a baby blanket from someone when you have a new arrival is a lovely feeling but, having done both before, we’re actually convinced that the feeling of gifting one to another new parent is even more satisfying. We are constantly crocheting new kinds of baby blankets for the people we love who are expecting, so we keep a running list of lovely patterns we just can’t wait to try.

Just in case you love crocheting handmade baby blankets just as much as we do, if not more, here are 20 if the nicest patterns from our list!

1. Pastel Baby afghan

Pastel baby afghan

Of course, you can choose whatever you please when you crochet, but we love the original pastels of this design from Roseanna Beck! Besides that, we can hardly even believe how adorable the lovely scalloped border is all around the edge, especially in contrast to the pretty stitch featured in the rest of the blanket.

2. Single Crochet baby blanket

Single crochet baby blanket

Are you actually still kind of a beginner but you’re still determined to crochet an entire blanket for someone you really love? Well, if you’re already comfortable with single crochet as a stitch chain, then we don’t think you’ll have any problems at all with this lovely little blanket outlined on Gretchkal’s Yarn Adventures.

3. Ashley’s Baby Afghan pattern

Ashley's baby afghan pattern

Just in case you’re still interested in stripes but you’d rather have some interesting contrast in there as well, here’s an idea from Crochet n’ More that gives you full instructions for making solid rows alternate with eyelet rows in a pretty way!

4. The Queen of Hearts baby blanket

The queen of hearts baby blanket

Here’s another simple blanket, but this time in a chunkier yarn and with a lovely contrasting border, making it only marginally more difficult than the single crochet one we showed you (but just as cozy)! Get the full details for making your own on The Crochet Crowd.