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35 Dutch Braids To Try On Your Hair This Weekend

Dutch braids can be a lot of fun. Long, medium, thick or thin, they work in all kinds of hair. Check out the tutorials and visual inspiration below and give your locks a fun little makeover for your day date or as a part of your vacay style.

Dutch braids

They’re all super cool, although you are unlikely to be able to make all of them on your own hair. However, your friends will certainly be happy to sit down and let you learn how to make them.

35 Dutch Braid Styles to Make

Let’s see which are some of the coolest dutch braid styles we’ve seen.

1. Pink Loose Dutch Braid

Pink loose dutch braid

If you’re looking for inspiration, a beautiful loose dutch braid can be the ideal solution for your day. It’s such a pretty style that goes perfectly with your day-to-day life. The photo comes from @poppy_hairstyles, and we’re jealous.

2. Breathtaking Criss Cross Diamond Dutch Braid

Criss cross diamond dutch braid

This next style comes from Trendafilka Kirova, also known as @another_braid on Insta, and it’s simply breathtaking. It’s oh so intricate and surely takes a while to get done, but it’s a cool one nonetheless. She has a full-on tutorial on YouTube, so that’s pretty awesome.

3. Half Updo, Half Dutch

Half updo, half dutch

We found this wonderful hairdo up on Insta via @annie@illingworth_mitchel, who had this done with prom in mind. It’s such a cool style, even for medium-length hair.

4. Dutch Braid Cross Over

Dutch braid cross over

Also, with prom in mind, @ali.renae.braids created this wonderful style that mixes in dutch braids with beautiful curls. It’s certainly not over the top, but still plenty stylish.

5. Bridal Dutch

Bridal dutch

For a simple boho wedding, a beautiful boho hairstyle. Via @braidsby_emilydrew on Insta, we found this beautiful creation that looks just perfect paired with a floral crown.

6. Dutch Braid Bun

Dutch braid bun

A beautiful dutch braid that wraps itself into a beautiful top bun can be great for a special occasion but also a typical workday. Of course, this pic comes from @beenie.bellas.braids, and it’s a bit fancier than a hairdo for a simple regular day.

7. Spiral Dutch

Spiral dutch

Look how awesome this spiral dutch braid looks! Finishing off in a top messy bun, this looks like a fun updo to wear on special occasions. Get the inspiration from @korzhova_J.

8. Arctic Braid

Arctic braid

This boho-style dutch braid is super pretty, featuring three different braids that mix. Coming from @steffy_hairstylist, this style can go great with a wedding party or a more casual event.

9. Twisted Dutch

Twisted dutch

You can also go for this soft updo with a crocheted dutch braids. With prom season coming up, it’s the perfect summer vibe. The creation comes from @braidsbymnovoa on Insta, and we just love it!

10. Whimsical Braid

Whimsical braid

Once more, we have a beautiful boho dutch braid that ends up in a fishtail. It’s so beautiful and inspiring, and we want it done right now! Found this on Insta, on @kirsta_nonneman_hair‘s page, and we can’t get enough of it.

11. Sturdy Braid

Sturdy braid

This dutch braid finishes off in a bun, but you can definitely let your little girl without the bun if they want. It’s a sturdy do that will resist through a lot of playtime. We loved this idea from @melbitabraidsntales.

12. Intricate Dutch Braids

Intricate dutch braid

Our next braid style on the list requires so much attention to detail. Since you start out on the crown of the head with a thin braid and then switch sides, this tight style creates a crown of hair. We loved this post by @fryzurki.laurki.

13. Half Up Braid

Half up braid

When you’re looking for a stylish do, this is a great option. The braids come from the sides and entangle to allow for a beautiful wavy style. It’s a great summer style from @leahnicolehair.

14. Two Buns

Two buns

If you feel like two dutch braids are going to be too much to wear for a whole day, you can twist them up into two buns. In this way, they’re off your neck, they look awesome, and they’re super cute. These ones created by @tanymariemakeupandhair are perfect examples.

15. Chunky Braids

Chunky braids

Dutch Braids are awesome, but if you fluff them out a bit to create some chunky braids, you get a pretty casual result that’s perfect for going on a walk, to lunch or work. Check it out from @gemmabrownsbraids.

16. Twirly Dutch Braid

Twirsly dutch braid

If you want a cross between a crown and a hair-do, this one will do – the dutch braid twirls around the head before wrapping up into a twirly bun. You can definitely spice this up by adding some flowery pins for a special occasion. We loved this design from @pretty_plaits_hair_design.

17. Side Braid

Side braid

A side dutch braid looks so pretty and perfect, especially as it gathers up all the hair in one thick braid, leaving your neck bare. @maggyt_hair created a beautiful braid for a beautiful lady.

18. Flowery Braid

Flowery braid

Perfect for spring, this flowery braid brings together two of our favorite braid styles – dutch and fishtail. You start out with dutch braids, bringing in the hair from the sides, and finish off in a chunky fishtail. Style comes from @hairrbyfk.

19. Infinity Braid

Infinity braid

Coming from @sandimonzon, this design is definitely one that you can’t pull off on your own hair. However, it’s so cool! It mixes in multiple styles, including dutch braids, and it’s perfect for a stylish event.

20. Cobra Braid

Cobra braid

This is perhaps one of the most intricate designs we’ve seen. Dubbed the Cobra Braid by @another_braid, we can see why that’s the name she chose. You can check it out and there’s even a YouTUbe tutorial if you want to attempt it.

21. Double-Dutch

How do double dutch braids yourself

PopSugar starts us off with a simple double-dutch braid! It’s simple and perfect for working out, school, or as a vacation style!

22. Side Dutch

Diy side dutch braid

We are swooning for this voluminous side dutch braid we found over at CGH. Dress it up, dress it down or accessorize it!

23. Dutch Bun

Dutch braid bun tutorial

A Beautiful Messgave us this beautiful idea. Create a dutch braid and then “bun it up” for a more romantic style.

24. Dutch Down

Dutch braid looks best

Style Craze gave us another side-swept look that we’re loving. If you want to wear your hair down with a fun accent, then this is the style to experiment with!

25. Dutch Low Pony

How to do a dutch braid

Go dutch all the way down your back with one of these low ponies. Again, these can easily be dressed up, dressed down, or accessorized to your liking. (via)

26. Dutch Crown

Dutch braid crown

Of course, there’s the always beautiful braided crown that you can learn how to create over at The Beauty Department.

27. Sideswept Dutch

Dutch braid side swept hairstyle

Missy Sue combines waves with a dutch braid in this gorgeous side-swept hairstyle. Play around with your tresses in the mirror and find your perfect fit.

28. Mohawk Dutch

Mohawk braid hair tutorial

Missy Sue also had this funky look up their sleeve. A concert, a sporting event … the possibilities are endless with this fun do.

29. Kid’s Dutch

Dutch braid for kids

Brit + Co showed off this fun kid’s dutch braid, and we had to share it too! Give your little one a boost with this fun look.

30. Wound Dutch

Dutch wound up braid

Bang style went formal with their dutch creation. All those braids wound up making quite the completed evening style.

31. Front Dutch

Olympus digital camera

Learn how to start your dutch braid out all in the front with some help from Kirsten Zellers. It’s perfect for those with longer, thicker locks.

32. Half-Up Dutch Fishtail

Halfup fishtail braid hairstyle

If you check out Missy Sue one more time, you’ll find this gorgeous half-updo that was made for showing off. Long or medium hair can carry it with ease.

33. Voluminous Dutch

Voluminous dutch braid

Here’s another voluminous dutch braid that will become a new, fun favorite in your hairstyle repertoire. Cosmohas the tutorial so go check it out now!

34. 5-Strand Dutch

5 strand dutch braid

Twist Me Prettydid something a bit different with her dutch braid and used 5-strands. Grab the details behind it after the jump.

35. Thick Dutch

Olympus digital camera

And finally, for those with thicker tresses, this tutorial is definitely for you. Check out how to style your extra-full hair after the jump. (via)

Final Thoughts

If Dutch braids are something you want to start adopting on a frequent basis, you can learn how to vary them up. They’re so versatile and cool, so we’d love to hear which ones are your favorites.

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