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15 Dutch Braids To Try On Your Hair This Weekend

Dutch braids can be a lot of fun. Long, medium, thick or thin, they work in all kinds of hair. Check out the tutorials below and give your locks a fun little makeover for your day date or as a part of your vacay style.

1. Double-Dutch

How do double dutch braids yourself

PopSugar starts us off with a simple double-dutch braid! It’s simple and perfect for working out, school or as a vacation style!

2. Side Dutch

Diy side dutch braid

We are swooning for this voluminous side dutch braid we found over at CGH. Dress it up, dress it down or accessorize it!

3. Dutch Bun

Dutch braid bun tutorial

A Beautiful Mess gave us this beautiful idea. Create a dutch braid and then “bun it up” for a more romantic style.

4. Dutch Down

Dutch braid looks best

Style Craze gave us another sideswept look that we’re loving. If you want to wear your hair down with a fun accent, then this is the style to experiment with!

5. Dutch Low Pony

How to do a dutch braid