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50 DIY Dorm Décor Ideas

So you’re heading to college, a place known for its dull décor and plain, white-walled dorm rooms. Good for you! But if you are anything like me, you’re going to want to spice up your dorm room walls with some colorful style. Here are 50 genius DIY décor ideas perfect for decorating your dorm.

1. Hexagon Pin Board

4 colorful hexagon pinboard diy project

Show off your snapshots and inspiration photos on this super stylish hexagonal pin board for your wall! It’s super easy to make, and you can choose any colors you like. Make your way over to Apartment Therapy to find out how to make your own version.

2. Polka Dot Door

1 polka dot door dorm decor

This polka dotted door is sure to get you noticed in the dorms, with its bold graphic style and simplicity. All you have to do is grab some adhesive vinyl and get to work. Head over to Sarah Hearts to find out all the details about this fun little project.

3. Hooray Banner

2 hooray banner diy dorm decor

This impossibly adorable “hip hip hooray” banner is made with a few basic materials that you probably already have on hand (aren’t those pom poms cute?!). Make your way over to Pottery Barn’s blog to find out how to make your own version of this banner.

4. Free Printable Wall Art

3 dorm sweet printable

Dress up your walls with these three colorful pieces of wall art, one of which says “dorm sweet dorm” (so fun!). And best of all, they’re free! Which is perfect for a college budget. So fire up your printer and head over to Curio to get the file and find out how to print them out.

5. Hanging Photo Display

5 photo display wall

If you’re a big fan of snapshots and photos, then you’ll love this one. It is a simple way to display your photos on the door or wall, using just string, pushpins and mini clothespins. Make your way over to Scissors and Sage to find out more about this fun idea.

6. Washi Tape Confetti Wall

8 confetti wall diy

This super fun wall has the look of wallpaper, but it’s actually made using pieces of washi tape – which means that it is cheap and removable at the end of the school year. Head over to Freckle & Fair to find out more about this fun project.

7. Glass Message Board

7 glass washi tape board diy

For this clever project, all you’ll need is a piece of glass and some tape… then you can write notes and lists on the surface of the glass using dry erase markers. Make your way over to Anna Maria’s blog to find out all the details about this simple, beautiful idea.

8. Embroidery Hoop Art

9 embroidery hoop fabric decor

Decorate your walls with this fun and easy idea – grab a handful of old embroidery hoops, some scrap fabric and a pair of scissors and frame the fabric pieces inside of the hoops. Then hang them up! Read more about this project over at Artocrat.

9. Colorful Clock

6 washi clock diy dorm decor

Make sure you’re always on time for class by making one of these fun clocks from pieces of washi tape! Vary the colors and patterns to get a super unique look. Make your way over to Unleash Creative to find out how to recreate this colorful clock yourself.

10. Triangle Decal Wall

10 triangle decal wall diy

Here’s another way to create the look of wallpaper in your space, without the outrageous price tag and permanence. Your friends will be jealous of your stylish room! Head over to Burkatron to find out how to apply these fun triangular decals to your wall.

11. DIY Tassel Rug

13 diy tassel rug

This fantastic rug is made using an existing neutral colored rug, and then the tassels are made by hand and attached to each end. Make your way over to Earnest Home Co. to find out how to make these large tassels and how to attach them to your rug.

12. Floral Wire Quote

11 be your floral wall art

This wall art is super fun – it is made using faux flowers, wire and floral tape, which are combined to create a pretty quote that you can hang right on your wall. Talk about a statement piece! Head over to Lovely Indeed to find out how to make your own.

13. Fabric “Wallpaper”

15 wall paper fabric diy

Here we have a project that ends up looking like wallpaper, but it is actually fabric which is adhered to the wall using paste which makes it easily removable. So spice up those walls with this fun DIY “wallpaper” project from the folks over at Petite Party Studio.

14. Tassel Wall Hanging

14 tassel wall hanging

These brightly colored tassel wall hangings are super fun, and will add a pop of bright color to any white dorm room wall. and they’re super easy to make, too! Head over to Adventures of a Creative Girl to find out how to make your own wall hangings.

15. T-Shirt Rag Rug

12 t shirt rag rug diy

This project is great for a variety of reasons….it is made using old t-shirts (so it won’t cost much) and it will add some serious color and texture to your room. Make your way over to A Piece of Rainbow to find out exactly how to make your own rag rug.

16. Thrift Store Planters

16 thrift store diy planters

Believe it or not, these little planters are from a thrift store – but the designs are hand drawn! This makes the project super affordable, and also personalized. Make your way over to Wonderwood to find out how to recreate this look for your own plants.

17. Blanket Ladder

18 di blanket ladder

If you’re a fan of blankets and throws, give this blanket ladder a try to store them. It’s also a great spot to hang up outfits and accessories. Head over to Foxtail + Moss to check out the full set of instructions and lots of other fun photos.

18. Pom Pom Pillow

19 pom pom pillow

This pom pom pillow is super cute, and it’s sure to elicit “oohs” and “ahhs” from all of your friends when you get back to school. Make your way over to The Craft Patch blog to find out how to make your own impossibly cute pom pom throw pillow.

19. Giant Tassel Throw

17 diy giant tassel blanket

This is one of those projects that only looks difficult… it is made using an existing throw blanket from Target, along with lots of DIY yarn tassels. Make your way over to BrePurposed to find out exactly how to make these oversized tassels and how to attach them too.

20. DIY Gallery Wall

20 diy picture gallery wall

This is a fun little tutorial that walks you through the process of creating the colorful gallery wall shown above. You’ll need a Cricut machine for some of these ideas, but not all of them. Head over to Damask Love to find out how to recreate this look in your dorm room.

21. DIY Gem Magnets

21 gem rock magnets

These impossibly adorable gemstone magnets are made from – you guessed it – gems, along with magnets and a hot glue gun. And if you’d like them to be more colorful, give them a coat of paint! Check out the full tutorial over at The Proper Blog.

22. Hanging Planters

24 how to turn a basket into a planter

Create some incredibly simple hanging planters using these adorable sea grass baskets from IKEA, of all places! You’ll just need some lining for the baskets, and some twine for hanging. Make your way over to Burkatron to check out the full tutorial.

23. Floral Mousepad

22 diy floral mouse pad

You’ll probably be spending a lot of time at your dorm room desk, so why not add some pizzazz to it in the form of a pretty mouse pad? Here we have a gorgeous floral one that is incredibly simple to make. Check out the simple instructions over at The Crafted Life.

24. Geometric Storage Cups

25 diy geo painted cups

These super colorful little storage cups are perfect for holding all of your writing and crafting utensils, or perhaps even jewelry or other accessories. And those color combinations are just so fresh and unique! Head over to Tell Love and Party to find out more.

25. Color Blocked Pin Boards

23 diy geometric pin boards

These fun color-blocked pin boards are simple to make, but they also have a big impact (especially as a set of two, as shown above). And they only require a few basic materials to make. Head over to Enthralling Gumption to find out how to make your own.

26. DIY Perpetual Calendar

28 perpetual calendar

Here we have a fun project that is inspired by a perpetual calendar that is sold at World Market… but this version is made for a fraction of the price. Make your way over to Little House of Four to find out how you can make your own perpetual calendar for your dorm room.

27. DIY Pegboard Words

30 pegboard words

This is a fun idea to create both a functional piece and a unique piece of wall art. And these pegboard words aren’t all that difficult to make, either! Head over to the Lovely Indeed blog to check out more photos, along with the full written tutorial.

28. Rose Gold Pencil Cup

27 rose gold pencil cup

This glamorous rose gold striped pencil cup is incredibly easy to make, believe it or not. The material that you’ll use is a type of foil, called Rose Gold Minc Foil… along with double-sided tape. Make your way over to Damask Love to find out how to do it.

29. Hanging Organizer

29 diy desk organiser

This simple wall-mounted organizer will come in handy for any college student, with a spot for notes, pencils and a pin board to take photos. Make your way over to Burkatron to find out how to make your own hanging organizer for your dorm wall.

30. Fabric-Covered Mouse Pad

26 fabric covered mouse pad

Here’s another great way to dress up a boring old mouse pad… this time with fabric! Grab a piece of your favorite material, and head over to Revamperate to find out how to recreate the look shown above. It won’t take you more than a few minutes!

31. Free Printable Quotes

31 free printable quotes

Free things are always welcome when you’re on a college budget – so these inspirational quotes written in black and white might be the perfect wall art for your dorm room. Make your way over to Pretty Nice to grab your own free printable quotes by Walt Disney.

32. Colorful Storage Basket

33 diy painted basket

Even storage can be pretty, if you make it that way! This gorgeous wicker basket began as a plain old storage piece from IKEA, but became a lovely statement piece with a little paint and some pom poms. Head over to Tell Love and Party to find out how.

33. “Fun” Marquee

35 mini desk marquee fun

This lovely little “fun” marquee is actually made out of foam core and tiny lights, along with some paint and a few other materials. What a clever idea! Make your way over to A Joyful Riot to find out how to make your own marquee for your dorm.

34. DIY Triangle Clock

32 beaded clock diy

This colorful little clock is actually made out of plastic beads that are attached to a white plastic surface. You can arrange them in any pattern you like, with any color combination. Head over to Frk Hansen to find out all the important details (use Google Translate if you don’t speak Danish).

35. Easy Striped Wall Art

34 striped black white art diy

This graphic print would be a fun addition to any dorm room, and it could be customized according to the colors you already have in your room. All it requires is some paint, tape and a canvas! Head over to A Sweet Afternoon to learn how to do it.

36. Floral Decoupage Box

40 floral decoupage box

This colorful storage box started out as a boring old beige box with zero personality. But now, with the addition of some floral motifs, it has a ton of character. Head over to The Crafted Life to find out how to decoupage your way to cooler storage.

37. Painted Magazine Files

36 painted magazine files

These wooden magazine files are originally from IKEA, and they started out with a plain untreated wood finish. But with a bit of time and creativity, they were transformed into a set of super fun storage files for homework, magazines, etc. Check out the tutorial at Earl Grey Blog.

38. Wire Star Art

38 wire star diy

The wire stars are a fun way to add some interest to your walls, without spending a fortune on expensive artwork. Just grab some wire in the finish of your choice and get started! Make your way over to For The Love Of to find out all the details.

39. Beaker Planters

39 beaker planters

Here’s a fun idea that’s super simple to accomplish… just buy a couple of beakers and fill them with soil and plants! It will certainly be a conversation started when your friends drop by your room. Head over to The Free Spirited to more about it.

40. DIY Fruit Bulletin Boards

37 fruit bulletin boards

These fruit bulletin boards are another great way to decorate your walls with something functional… a place to hang photos, reminders and cards. Head over to Tell Love and Party to find out how to make this pear board, along with other types of fruit too!

41. Color-Blocked Rock

41 colored rock diy

This fun and super easy DIY project is made using a rock you find outside and paint that you probably already own – which means it will cost you nothing! It works great as a paperweight, a doorstop or just a pretty desk ornament. Get the tutorial over here. 

42. Vintage Framed Bulletin Board

44 turquoise corkboard

This one is fun because the frame, cork and wall are all the same color. How unique! Just grab lots of paint and get to work. Make your way over to Dans Le Lakehouse to see more photos of this cute nook and to learn how to make this bulletin board.

43. Marble Clipboard

42 marble clipboard

This pretty little clipboard began as a boring, untreated wooden board that was then transformed into the glamorous piece above by using some marble paper, spray paint and glue. Head over to Fabric, Paper, Glue to find out how to make one yourself.

44. Glitter Letters

45 glitter ombre letter symbol

This would be a fun project for anyone who enjoys displaying letters, symbols or monograms as decor in their space. This ampersand got all dressed up with a coat of green and gold glitter. Find out how to get this gorgeous effect over at Capitol Romance. 

45. Typography Wall Art

43 fabric wall art typography

Most colleges don’t allow students to damage the walls of their dorm rooms, making this typographical wall art the perfect solution. It is attached to the wall using a mixture of cornstarch and water, which won’t hurt the paint. Check out the full tutorial at Curbly.

46. Tassel Banner

48 diy tassels

This colorful tassel banner is incredibly easy to make, and it will surely pack a big punch in your dorm room. And you can also add a few trinkets to let your personality show through a bit. Head over to Artful Days to find out how to make one yourself.

47. Faux Wood Mousepad

50 rustic modern wood mousepad makeover

This “wooden” mousepad is actually made using wood grain adhesive contact paper, along with an existing mousepad. It has a lovely rustic vibe that still feels modern, thanks to the dark color. Make your way over to Upcycled Treasures to check out the tutorial.

48. Jewelry Storage Tree

47 branch jewelry storage tree

This project takes the words “jewelry tree” to a whole new level. This stunning jewelry storage idea is created using an actual branch from the great outdoors, along with some spray paint. Make your way over to Fashion Edible to read the tutorial.

49.Wood Slice Pushpins

49 easy diy wood slice thumbtacks

These wooden pushpins are made with real wood – starting with a branch that is then cut up into tiny discs. A tack is then glued to the other side. Head over to the Upcycled Treasures to find out how to make you own upcycled wood slice pushpins.

50. Beaded Mirror

46 diy teardrop mirror

It’s always handy to have a mirror nearby, to make sure you don’t have any spinach in your teeth. And this mirror is rimmed in a pretty set of light wooden beads that get increasingly smaller as it goes up. Check out the tutorial for this one here.

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