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DIY Ideas for Lovers of Leopard Print

Leopard print is a bold choice when it comes to clothing and shoes, but it’s also a very fun look! Leopard print is also a very eye catching choice when it comes to home decor. Should that stop you from featuring the pattern you love most? Of course not!

Check out these 15 great ideas for DIY crafts and projects that display your love for leopard as proudly as ever!

1. DIY leopard print shorts

Diy leopard print shorts

Infinite Pretty shows you how to create an adorable leopard print pattern across the front of your shorts using a stencil and a fabric marker. You can use this technique anywhere on the shorts you choose, and on any garment, but we think these half leopard shorts are particularly stylish!

2. DIY leopard print wall pattern

Diy leopard print wall pattern

If you love leopard so much that you’re ready to make it a permanent part of your decor, why not apply it right to the walls? This tutorial by Emily McCarthy walks you through the process of painting a great leopard spot shape that actually looks like the real thing.

3. DIY leopard print canvas wall art

Diy leopard print canvas wall art

Behind The Big Green Door

suggests using the same leopard spot painting technique as the previous idea to create some wall art that isn’t quite so permanent! Instead of painting the pattern right onto your walls, create it on a large canvas that you can hang up or remove as you please.

4. DIY leopard print canvas shoes

Diy leopard print canvas shoes

Once you’ve mastered painting and drawing the leopard pattern, you’re pretty much ready to create it on anything and everything! Try incorporating it into your personal style by drawing it on a pair of plain white canvas shoes for a simple look; or as simple as a wild pattern like leopard print gets! Take a look at these ones on Style Haul.

5. Leopard print jean patches

Leopard print jean patches

Do you have a plain old pair of jeans with some holes, or an intentionally distressed pair of jeans that you feel like updating? Try adding some leopard print fabric to the inside of the jeans to create patches. The pattern will peek through the jeans for a fun pop of style! Check out how Baby Center made these patched jeans.

6. Leopard and sequin zippered clutch

Leopard and sequin zippered clutch

Are you the kind of outrageous person who thinks that even bold leopard print could use a little something more? See Kate Sew agrees! Check out this great tutorial for creating your very own leopard clutch with fun dangling sequins along the bottom.

7. DIY leopard print nail art

Diy leopard print nail art

Are you looking for a more temporary way to incorporate leopard into your style? A super fun leopard manicure is the perfect way to do that! Take a look at how Beautyholics Anonymous painted these little leopard spots.

8. DIY leopard print cardigan

Diy leopard print cardigan

If you’re confident in your painting skills, then all you need to create this cute look is a brush and some fabric paint! College Fashion shows you how they mapped out and painted this fun cardigan to transform if from plain to pretty.

9. Rhinestone leopard print shoes

Rhinestoned leopard print shoes

These blinged out leopard print shoes by Crystal and Glass Beads take a lot of patience and attention to detail, but we definitely think they’re worth it! Your friends will be impressed when they find out that you applied each one of those little stones yourself!

10. Leopard print covered ottoman

Leopard print covered ottoman

Leopard print is the perfect pattern for creating statement pieces in any room of your house. We love the way this soft leopard ottoman by Decorate It Yourself draws the eye and adds some fun texture to any aesthetic.

11. Leopard duct tape party bags

Leopard duct tape party bags

Sometimes all you need is a tiny bit of leopard flair! Luckily for us leopard lovers, washi tape and duct tape come in great spotted patterns and are useful for all kinds of things. Check out how Lulubell Laine incorporated the print across the top of these little goodie bags.

12. Leopard print seat shorts

Leopard print seat shorts

If you like the first idea of having half your shorts printed with leopard spots and the other half plain but you’d rather have them not all black, try this method instead! Mr. Kate shows you how to cover one side of the back with your favourite pattern!

13. Leopard print Christmas ornaments

Leopard print christmas ornaments

Who doesn’t love an unconventional Christmas tree? Yours will definitely be a standout with these super fun leopard spotted bobbles from Pinterest! All you need is a little all-surface paint.

14. DIY leopard print table

Diy leopard print table

Remember those animal printed standout pieces we were talking about for brightening up your room? If the ottoman isn’t your style or you’re looking for another piece to complement the one you made, then we definitely suggest this adorable DIY table by Rain on a Tin Roof!

15. Glitter leopard print mason jars

Glitter leopard print mason jars

Are you looking for something a little simpler than furniture or clothing alterations? Add some subtle printed style to any space by painting plain mason jars with a leopard pattern. For a little extra flair, add some glitter to the spots!

Have you ever created a leopard print project that we absolutely must see, tell us about it in the comments section or link us to photos of your work!

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