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13 DIY Patio Furniture Projects To Start On Now

Spring is on the horizon! Soon you’ll be outside sipping on a cool glass iced tea with your gal pals and enjying all of the warm sunlight from the porch. But you’ll need some furniture to compliment all of your entertaining needs. Check out these 13 DIY patio furniture projects to start on now and be ready for when the flowers start to bloom.

1. Table Update

Diy patio table update

We start out at Lovely Indeed with this super easy table update. Grab an older piece and give it an easy makeover – using this bit as a bout of inspiration. A bright coat of paint and some extra jazzy appeal (like stripes or polka dots) can easily turn it into something brand new.

2. Hammock Chair

Diy hammock chair

Indulgy gave us this beautiful bout of inspiration to drool over. If you love a bit of bohemian style, then you’ll definitely want to consider creating a large hammock chair to enjoy in your backyard (or front porch). Perfect for the kids, but also great for adults who want to take a load off and relax in the sun with a good book.

3. Pallet Sectional

Diy pallet sectional

This pallet sectional is quite strinking, don’t you think? We love how it’s styled so modern and chic is this space – making it really easy to replicate. Hop on over to Like the Yogurt to grab all the details behind its creation.

4. Rolling Console Table

Diy rolling console table

For those with a bigger patio space and who really do have a lot of entertaining opportunities up their sleeves, this rolling outdoor console would be the perfect addition. It’s especially helpful for those that do a lot of outdoor dinners and the like. Check out The House of Wood and take a peek at the tutorial.

5. Icebox Table

Diy icebox table

This find from Remodelaholic is probably the most creative and favorited find of the bunch. It’s both a deluxe outdoor table and icebox combined into one! Gather around the piece and snag a cold beer whenever the mood strikes you, all the necessities stay right at everyone’s fingertips.

6. Fireside Bench

Diy fireside bench

We’re absolutely swooning over this gorgeous fireside bench. We love the curved nature of the design and how it fits easily and snugly up against a background firepit. This beauty was found at HGNV.

7. Cabana Lounge

Diy outdoor cabana lounge

That’s My Letter gave us the details behind this cabana lounge. If you’ve got the space and the vision, why not try to whip up something of this grandiosity. It’s a great addition for families that spend a lot of time outside enjoying Mother Nature – but can also be a fun space for couples as well.

8. Chaise

Diy chaise lounge

Check out this chic, wood chaise lounge from Build Something! We love the blend of farmhouse quality and contemporary appeal the finished design encompasses. Add outdoor pillows for a cozier vibe.

9. Wire Basket Table

Diy wire basket table

Over at The Shabby Creek Cottage, you’ll find the instruction for this wire basket table. It’s a great tutorial to follow when you want to upcycle older materials. It’s also a good project for when you want to flea market find some cheaper pieces and create something new.

10. Reclaimed Wood Stool

Diy reclaimed wood stool

We’re loving this minimal stool creation found at Lady Goats. What’s great about the foundational piece is that it can easily be personalized. Just add a colored cushion or a coat of metallic paint.

11. Outdoor Bench

Diy outdoor bench

This distressed bench can be used for a variety of outdoor functions. Use it as seating or as a way to display some of your green thumb growths. Check out the tutorial for it at The Idea Room.

12. Planter Stands

Diy modern planter stands

Remodelaholic gives us a great tutorial for Ikea-inspired planters. These go along well with a minimal or modern themed back porch. And you can do with bigger or smaller designs depending on the types of plants you want to grow.

13. Macrame Lawn Chair

Mollie makes macrame chair tutorial

Mollie Makes a macrame lawn chair that brings to life all of our bohemian fantasies. Brethese new life into an older alumnium piece with some extra colorful cord – and a unique vision. We love the colors used here but could also see it in a varied array of beautiful neutrals.

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