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14 Pieces of DIY Mantel Decor To Use Year Round

Not every mantel has to match the season or holiday on the horizon. Instead, there are ways to dress this space that will last throughout the months. If you want something neutral and just as stylish, we’ve found some of the best bouts of inspiration. These 14 pieces of DIY mantel decor can be used year round.

1. Patterned Wall

Gray wallpaper on fireplace wall

Create a fun focal point beind the mantel. The decor can be as simple as the accent wall – using paint, texture, or wallpaper. Check out this beautiful scene while visiting Decorpad.

2. Gallery Wall

Gallery wall over mantel

A gallery wall is one of the simplest ways to decorate above your mantle. Include pieces of artwork that you love and would love to look at all year long – not ones that only speak to a particular season. Just like you see here in this Brooklyn Bride setup.

3. Golden Heights

Diy golden and cream fireplace mantel

Pink Peonies has us swooning over their mantel decoration and inspired us. Play with metal neutrals – they work year round – but also play with varying height. The different scales will help with providing easy interest.

4. Classic Art

Classic art piece over mantel

Sometimes just a piece of beautiful art will do the trick. One like you see here at HGTV works within the summer, fall, winter, and spring months without being too kitschy. It can stayed displayed throughout the holidays nicely.

5. Clocks

Diy clocks on the mantel

Clocks can be a fun addition to the mantel as well. We love larger designs that can stand on their own like this Pinterest find. But we also like smaller bits that can be turned into a collage of sorts.

6. Bohemian

Diy boho mantel decor

Go boho with your decor choices. Macrame finishing can last all year long as well. Place Of My Taste showcases some of the most beautiful ways to infuse this textural style into your mantel scheme.

7. Quoted

View more: https://sol pass us/timber and gray

Using a quote to decorate the mantel is a great way to add personalization to the family’s space. We love this piece from Timber and Gray. It’s both on trend and can be unique to the ones in the home.

8. Floral Wreath

Diy floral wreath over a mantel

VinYet freatured a gorgeous floral wreath about their mantel. And we love how this is both a great DIY project that you can personalized and a fresh, natural way to decorate your home.

9. Frames

Framed mantel decor

Framed pieces on the mantel work well too. It’s a different take than a traditional gallery wall and less youthful – this is a more traditional route. Check out scenes like this on Pinterest.

10. Minimalism

Minimalistic mantel

Going the minimal route works too. Keep your edges clean and tidy, and don’t worry about cliche holiday decor. Go with neutral looks, install your TV, and maybe add a plant or two for some fresh vibes. We love this minimalistic trend we see here in this Pinterest scene.

11. Greenery

Diy greenery mantel

Whatever you design to mix it with, bouts of greenery are always a good idea. These silk garlands can breathe fresh life into your space so nicely. Just look at it here at The Turquoise Home.

12. Floaters

Diy rustic floating mantel

Some of us may want to install our own mantels – and the piece itself is enough of a decoration for the fireplace and the home itself. This rustic floating piece will do just that. Learn how to create it at 111 Light Lane.

13. Animal Bust

Mantel decor with animal bust

This is a classic move and one that fits right into the rustic and farmhouse themes. Whether this is a family piece or one you’ve created on your own, this is the spot to hang your bust. This view from Lonny is a traditional look that bodes well with other more contemporary pieces.

14. Mirrors

Fireplace mantel with a mirror

Mirrors are always a good addition. You really can’t go wrong by adding the illusion of more space and light – especially over a mantle in the family room. Add a large piece of several, leaning smaller designs. This scene is from Pinterest.

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