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14 DIY Flower Beds To Create This Season

Instead of throwing some pots on the front porch, why not get creative with your landscaping and petals this year? These 14 DIY flowers beds are what you should be creating this season and personalizing your yard with. From unique to traditional, let’s sift through the finds.

1. Monogram

Diy monogram flower bed

We’re loving this vertical flower bed found on Remodelaholic. But even more so, we love the personalization behind it. Grab some wood palettes and get to work. It’s a great way to add extra floral style to your back porch area.

2. Raised

Diy raised flower bed

You can easily create a raised garden bed for your yard as well. It’s one of the more simple of choices and Fry Sauce and Grits can walk you through it seamlessly. You can even install multiples of these to create a bolder scene.

3. Old Tired

Diy flower beds made of old tires

With a bit of paint and some old tires, you can create an eclectic flower bed to show off in the front or in the back of your home – depending on where you need some extra color. Found at My Desired Home, even the most novice of crafters and flower tamers can make this one happen.

4. Modern

Diy modern flower bed

These raised flower beds are full of modern style. All you need to do is paint your raised boxes black to get that same, chic finished look. Check out the details at Gardenista.

5. Metal Baskets

Large metal basket flower bed

Large, metal baskets can be turned into fun flower beds for the house as well. We’re a fan of pairing these together and decorating the outdoor landscapes with them. Take the tour at Salvaged Living.

6. Bedframe

Diy bedframe flower bed

One of the most unique on the list, this YouTube video will show you how to create your own true flower bed inside your garden. Grab some vintage bed posts to get yourself started and use that as the frame for your fresh petals new home. It would be a fun family project to keep up.

7. Around-the-Tree

Diy raised tree flower bed

Here’s a more traditional take on a flower bed and one that’s a bit smaller in size. Check out this wraparound-the-tree design we found at the great goodness. Again, a few wooden palettes is all you need to get started – you can even paint them if you want to add some color.

8. Washboards

Home and family 4169 final photo assets

For those that like a bit of a cottage feel to their garden, you may want to hop on over to Hallmark Channel. They’ve taken washboards and turned them into charming flower beds. Add colors, add phrases; feel free to personalize to your liking.

9. Standing Box

Diy raised flower bed

Everyday Shortcuts created a raised flower box that you can easily situate anywhere in your yard – from the front to the back to the side. This one too you can add color to or even a design. Let the kiddos have

10. Low-Maintenance

Diy low maintenance flower bed

If you’re looking for something a bit simpler, try The DIY Mommy. Here you’ll find a low-maintenance bed to start off your gardening for the season. It’s the perfect choice for those just venturing out into this realm.

11. Broken Concrete

Diy broken concrete flower bed

Reluctant Entertainer used a bit of broken concrete to make their flower bed. It’s a bit raised and definitely falls in line with more traditional elements. If you’re more into texture and simplicity, this is a good route to take – especially if you want to make sure you’re reusing and recycle materials you already have.

12. Vertical

Diy vertical flower bed

The Idea Room has another vertical flower bed that we’re swooning for. It creates a nice backdrop to the garden but also adds some color to unsuspecting corners as well. Check out how to make this happen after the jump.

13. Contemporary

Contemporary diy raised flower bed

We have another contemporary – yet still timelessly traditional – flower bed that you’ll want to learn how to buy. This Old House will walk you through the process. What’s different about this design is the topping to the outer covering, giving it a more finished, polished vision.

14. Perennial

Diy perennial flower bed

Stow and Tell U featured a DIY perennial flower bed. Create this in the front yard, add some solar lights, and start your landscaping off right for the season. Add any and all of your favorites to the small plot.

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