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How to Craft a DIY Dragonfly Keyring in 5 Simple Steps

Making a DIY dragonfly keyring all from scratch might seem like a waste of time, but it’s a lot of fun. Not to mention, it can be very rewarding to show off your handiwork to others.

A keyring is a small ring used to hold keys and can be attached to a keychain, and people have been decorating them since time immemorial. However, while most people prefer to buy their keyrings, others like to make their own. If you’re the latter type of person, this guide is for you!

Today’s article aims to show you everything you need to know about making a keyring shaped like a dragonfly.

Diy dragonfly keyring

You can gift this dragonfly keyring to someone close, for example, your mom, or you can attach it to your own keys so everyone can see how great your crafting skills are.

Supplies for a DIY dragonfly keyring

Dragonfly keyring materials

Before crafting this keyring, you’ll need to gather all the supplies and materials. For this project, you will need the following:

  • Keyrings:Since the whole idea behind this project is to make a decorative key ring, you will need to attach the DIY dragonfly to a key ring. Alternatively, you can use key-sized lobster clasps if you do not have key rings readily available.
  • Wooden beads:Wooden beads will come in handy to create the dragonfly’s body. You can use any size or shape of beads, but we recommend using beads of different sizes. For example, we used 4 beads in total, 2 of which were small and 2 of which were large.
  • Cubic alphabet beads:We intended this project to be a gift idea, so we used alphabet beads to spell out MOM. However, you can write whatever you want, just as long as it’s not too long.
  • Macrame yarn:You’ll need macrame yarn to hold the beads together and form the dragonfly’s shape, just like a beaded necklace.
  • Needle:The needle will come in handy when threading the yarn through the beads and the felt wings.
  • Felt material:We used purple felt to create the dragonfly’s wings, but you can use any color you want. Just make sure that it’s not too thick or thin.
  • Wire cutters:You’ll use the sharp pincers to cut small slits into the felt wings so you can thread the yarn through them. This can also be done with some very sharp scissors, but we find that wire cutters work better.
  • A pair of scissors:A pair of scissors will come in handy when making the felt cutouts and near the end of the projects when you’ll have to cut away any excess thread. Make sure to keep them out of the reach of young children.
  • Paintbrush:You’ll need a paintbrush to coat the wooden beads in acrylic paint. Since the beads are relatively small, we recommend using a small paintbrush.
  • Pink acrylic paint:We used pink acrylic paint for the larger wooden beads, but you’re free to use whatever color you prefer.
  • Green acrylic paint:We used a different color for the smaller beads and went green. Again, you can use any color you want, but it’s recommended that it doesn’t contrast too much with the other beads or the wings.
  • Wooden skewers:We’ll need to paint the wooden beads, and the wooden sticks will come in handy to keep them suspended while drying; more on that later.

How do I make a simple DIY dragonfly keyring?

Follow these instructions and illustrations to create your DIY dragonfly keyring:

  1. Prepare the dragonfly’s body: Insert a skewer into each bead to make it easier to handle and paint them without smudging the paint job. Next, coat the two larger beads in pink paint, and the two smaller beads in green paint. Hang them above the work surface so that any excess paint can drip off, and allow them to dry completely before moving on to the next step.Dragonfly keyring Dragonfly keyringDragonfly keyring
  2. Craft the wings: Use a pencil and some paper to draw out the outline of the dragonfly’s wings, and use scissors to cut them out. Use the paper template as a guide, and cut out two felt wings.Dragonfly keyringDragonfly keyringDragonfly keyring
  3. Assemble the dragonfly’s body: Start by threading the alphabet beads onto the macrame yarn, followed by the two smaller beads and one of the larger beads. Then take each of the two felt wings, fold it in four, and use the wire cutters to cut a small slit into the top of the felt wings.Dragonfly keyring Dragonfly keyringDragonfly keyring
  4. Secure the dragonfly’s body: Thread the macrame yarn through the two wings and add the second larger bead, thread the needle through the key ring attachment, and create a loop to secure it. Thread the needle back through the body of the dragonfly, only this time in reverse order, and tie a knot right at the base of the dragonfly’s tail.Dragonfly keyringDragonfly keyringDragonfly keyringDragonfly keyring
  5. Add the finishing touches: Tie the thread’s knot as hard as possible so that the dragonfly’s body is as rigid as possible (imagine a bead necklace without any space between the beads), and trim away any excess yarn again. And that’s it!Dragonfly keyring Dragonfly keyringDragonfly keyringDiy dragonfly keyring

How can I add a personal touch to my dragonfly keyring?

You can add a personal touch to your dragonfly keyring in many ways. For example, you can try the following things:

  • Use different materials for the wings: If the felt feels too flimsy for you, try using something else like thin cardboard or even stiffened fabric. We have anothersimilar project: we made the wings out of leather strips.
  • Add more beads to the body:If you want a longer dragonfly, simply add more beads to the body. We went with just six beads, but feel free to experiment and see what looks best.
  • Use different colors:You’re not limited to just pink and green; use any colors you want! You could even try painting the beads with two or more colors for more fun and playful look.
  • Add some shine:If you’ll use wooden beads to make your dragonfly, one way to make them a bit more durable is to coat them with a layer of clear varnish. This will also add a bit of shine, which can be nice if you want your dragonfly to look more polished.
  • Add eyes:The original design may seem a bit too minimalist for some people, so feel free to add some eyes if you want. You can use beads, buttons, or googly eyes; it’s up to you!

The bottom line is that you treat this project as a starting point, not as something carved in stone. So don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you.

Closing Thoughts

By using just a few simple materials, you can create your DIY keyring that’s shaped like a dragonfly.

This project is perfect for people who want to add a personal touch to their keys or those simply looking for a fun and easy project to work on. Besides, you can always gift them to your friends and family members!

We hope you enjoyed this project and wish you the best of luck with your DIY dragonfly keyring.

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