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DIY Customized Sneakers

Are you the kind of crafting enthusiast who likes to keep ahead in your seasonal crafting and start making things that you’ll wear in the next season nice and early, so they’re ready ahead of time when the snow falls or clears? We’re quite the same way, which is why we’re already thinking about the different ways that we might make ourselves some new customized sneakers for the spring even though there’s still an abundance of snow on the ground. We’ve made our own DIY customized sneakers in previous years, but we’ve been keeping our eyes peeled lately for techniques and looks we’ve never tried before, just to keep things interesting.

Are you feeling just as intrigued as we are, if not more, by the idea of making your own DIY custom sneakers for spring? Check out these 15 fantastic ideas, designs, and tutorials that we’ve come across so far in our search for inspiration and guidance!

1. DIY polka dot sneakers

Diy polka dot sneakers

Do you have a pair of canvas sneakers that you already like the colour of but you can’t help feeling like they look just a touch too plain left solid like they are, so you want to add some small, subtle detail? Then we have a strong feeling this very simple tutorial from Golden & Lovely that teaches you how to add tiny white polka dots to your shoes might be useful to you!

2. Doily painted sneakers

Doily painted sneakers

If you’re going to add painted detail to solid coloured shoes, would you rather it be a little more intricate or feminine looking than just plain polka dots? Well, if you can get your hands on a scrap piece of lace or an old doily and some spray paint or a sponge, then you’ll be just about set when it comes to doing some lace stencilling across your shoes, just like Ashley Hackshaw did here!

3. Iron paper photo transfer canvas shoes

Iron paper photo transfer canvas shoes

If you’re going to make yourself a nice pair of shoes for spring, would you prefer to actually use them as an opportunity to celebrate spring visually as well? Then we’re convinced that these lovely floral canvas shoes will be right up your alley! We’re huge fans of this tutorial from Always Rooney that guides you through the process of selecting an all-over print image, printing it on iron-on paper, and transferring it to your canvas shoes.

4. DIY glitter sneakers

Diy glitter sneakers

Have you always been the kind of person whose sense of style is just about as eye catching as it could possibly get? Well, if sparkles are a part of that aesthetic for you, then we’re fairly certain you’ll get along magically with this next tutorial from Love Maegan! They guide you step by step through the process of covering your shoes entirely in glitter and sealing them well so they don’t flake off as you walk.