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DIY Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Easy Transformation

Whether you’re entirely remodelling your bathroom in a big way that involves structural changes or simply giving it a new coat of paint and swapping over the decor, creating yourself a new important space in your house is always exciting. The bathroom is, after all, a central spot in anyone’s home; it’s one that everyone uses constantly, so it should definitely be a space that you invest in. That’s why, when we decided to give ours an overhaul, we wanted to use as many of our own DIY skills as we possibly could to do it, just to make sure that we felt really satisfied with it at the end. Until we decided on the colour scheme, aesthetic, and elements we wanted in it, however, we spent a large amount of time being very pleasantly surprised indeed by the number of fantastic bathroom remodelling and DIY decor element tutorials there are online.

If you’re feeling just as interested as we were in the idea of using your DIY skills to redo your whole bathroom, take a look at the 15 very best ideas, designs, and tutorials that we came across in our search!

1. Simple DIY bathroom remodel under $500

Simple diy bathroom remodel under $500

Are you making hopeful plans to redo your entire bathroom in full but you’re trying to do so in a slightly more accessible budget that some people might pull such a thorough overhaul off in? Well, so long as you’ve got about $500 for the project, then we think you’ll appreciate the tips and safe budget savvy advice that you’ll find on this experience based guide from Modern Builds.

2. DIY tips for remodelling your bathroom on a budget

Diy tips for remodelling your bathroom on a budget

Rather than getting lots of advice in once place, would you rather read something written by a person who did once remodel their whole bathroom and had lots to say about a select few ways to save money in the process instead? Then perhaps you’d have better luck browsing this resource from Morning Chores instead. They give you six specific points of feedback based on experience and let you know some ways to work on certain things that could help save you money later.

3. Simple silvers bathroom remodel

Simple silvers bathroom remodel

Are you actually on the hunt for resources that are a little more like something you’d put in a look-book in order to try and determine the aesthetic you’re going for, rather than things like budget advice? Well, if you’re even half as much a fan of the way that lovely rich grey tones have been trending in home decor lately, then you might like this palette laid out by Live Love DIY! They walk you through a host of style suggestions and tips for how they made this fantastic silvers-based bathroom colour scheme come together.

4. How to remodel a small bathroom

How to remodel a small bathroom

Are you actually living in a small apartment or condo and looking for space efficient DIY ways to make over your little bathroom without having to sift through all the majority ideas that are meant for much larger spaces? Then perhaps you’ll find some helpful tips and tricks in this guide from Fix This, Build That, which was written specifically for small bathrooms and their particular needs and features!

5. Tips for updating a bathroom but with a vintage feel

Tips for updating a bathroom but with a vintage feel

Did we really catch your attention when we started talking about seeing inspiration and tips for specific room aesthetics and styles, but silver just doesn’t quite hit the mark for you? Well, if your taste in interior decor is a little more old fashioned then you might prefer the way This Old House put some work into finding suggestions, craft ideas, style tips and authentic period bathroom details that would suit a vintage bathroom.

6. Cheap small bathroom remodel process

Cheap small bathroom remodel process

Just in case you’re still looking for tips and input when it comes to making over a very small bathroom but you’d specifically prefer to get advice about about doing it on the cheap, here’s another great piece for you to read through! Anika’s DIY Life takes you through their outline of different ways to make small alterations and improvements upon your bathroom when you don’t have a whole lot of space to work with.

7. Remodelling a cottage bathroom

Remodelling a cottage bathroom

The beauty of this particular outline by Simply Maggie is that it’s a remodelling project, an updating project, a DIY project, and a cottage themed makeover in a cottage, all rolled into one! If you find it helpful to read through other people’s experiences while they discuss where they went right and where the might have liked to do things differently, or even if you just like the latest “cottage-core” style trends, then this might be the best piece for you to read.

8. Tips for building an enclosed shower

Tips for building an enclosed shower

Have you actually been scrolling through our list in search of tips for doing something a little more hands-on and heavy duty when it comes to making over your bathroom space? Well, if you’ve ever thought of building yourself a glass-enclosed standing shower then this outline from BHG is the one for you. It provides you with photos, step by step instructions, and all kinds of tips and tricks to really help you do it right.

9. Fresh bathroom makeover and update

Fresh bathroom makeover and update

Does your personal decor style lie a little more in colours, bright atmospheres, and fresh looks? Well, if you’re looking to modernize your space just a touch but in a way that just gives it a little more updated character and function, rather than a boldly contemporary feel, then you might appreciate this tutorial and discussion created by Hey There Home. They show you how they transformed a fresh new bathroom with their kids and the needs of a family in mind.

10. Chic bathroom remodelling

Chic bathroom remodelling

Speaking of contemporary styles when it comes to bathrooms and interior decor, here’s a great resource from That DIY Couple speaking about their experience hauling the style of their own little bathroom space over! Their emphasis here was on making DIY adjustments, style choices, crafted decor pieces, and little structural changes that go along with a chic aesthetic that’s modern but comfortable and very fashionable.

11. Tips for choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom remodel

Tips for choosing the right bathrub for your bathroom remodel

Did we catch your attention when we started talking about choosing and altering your shower, but only because you’ve actually been hoping to replace yours? Well, if you’re the kind of person who always prefers to take a bath instead of a shower, then we’d definitely suggest looking through this guide from HGTV for how to choose the best kind and style of bathtub for your space and style preferences.

12. Choosing the right decor for a small bathroom remodel

Choosing the right decor for a small bathroom remodel

Just in case you’re still looking for inspiration and DIY decor ideas that would work in a small bathroom but you still feel like you could use a little more guidance before you get started? Take a closer look at this guide and discussion from Anika’s DIY Life that outlines tips, suggestions, and advice for overhauling small spaces, streamlining function in bathrooms, and decorating in cute DIY ways.

13. DIY half-bathroom makeover

Diy half bathroom makeover

Is the bathroom you’ve been thinking of for a remodel actually a “half bathroom” or rather than kind that you might find, say, on the ground floor of a house with a toilet and sink but no shower or bathtub, since it’s not the main family bathroom? Well, there are still all kinds of crafty ways that you can make this space not only maximum useful but also charming. Check out some of the suggestions Us Normally has from their experience making theirs over!

14. 17 money-saving tips to stretch your bathroom remodelling budget

17 money saving tips to stretch your bathroom remodelling budget

Have we really caught your attention the most so far with all this discussion of overhauling your bathroom space on a budget and saving money wherever you can without cutting corners? Then here’s one more article before we sign off that might do your bank account some good without taking any real toll on the quality of what you’re producing. Get more details and all kinds of useful advice on BHG.

15. Re-tiling bathroom tiles during a remodel

Re tiling bathroom tiles during a remodel

Just in case the thing you’re really looking for some guidance on in your entire bathroom overhaul or remodelling process is the challenge of tiling, here’s an awesome guide for making it happen neatly and properly around your washing space! Whether you’re doing it above a tun or inside a shower, MrFixIt DIY has a fantastic, very accessible guide to help you make it happen as easily as possible.

Do you have other kinds of DIY tips that you don’t see here but that you learned about when you did a bathroom remodelling of your very own? Tell us all about your recommendations, tips, and tricks in the comments section or link us to tutorials of your own!

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