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16 DIY Air Freshners To Breathe New Life Into Your Space

Fill your home with clean aromas – but do so in a way that includes all natural elements. With these “recipes” below, you’ll be able to nix the bad smells and say hello to fresh scents all over the house. These 16 DIY air freshners will surely breathe new life into your space and are so easy to mix up and enjoy within an afternoon.

1. Lavender & Lemon Candles

Diy lemon lavender candles

Candles are one way to freshen up the space. At Brit + Co you’ll be able to dive into this easy tutorial and inject some summertime scents into the kitchen, living space, or even in some of the bathrooms. Lavender and lemon are perfect for springtime too!

2. Natural Room Spritz

Diy room spray 2

Design*Sponge will show us how to create a natural room spritz for the home. With a quick spray or two you can freshen any space of the house. And this winter wondeland scent is a favorite.

3. Gel

Diy gel air freshner

Making Lemonade whipped up some gel air freshners that were natural odoro eaters. So not only do they give off some fresh scents but they eat up the bad ones too. And they’re so easy to make – with some water, gelatin mix, and essential oils!

4. Rice

Diy lavender and mint air freshener 2

Who knew rice could work too? This one is quick and easy with a bit of lavender and mint. Of Life + Lisa will walk you through the easy process which includes lots of shaking and dropping drips of essential oils.

5. Plug-In Refill

Diy air freshener plugin refill