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15 Different Ways To Display Fresh Flowers Throughout Your Home

There’s something extra special about a real floral and the lightness and brightness it brings to your house. It’s a true breath of fresh hair and it’s important that we remember to add them to the nooks and corners when a pick-me-up is needed. But you don’t have to go with just the traditional ways of displaying. Instead check out these 15 different ways to display those fresh flowers throughout your home, and mix it up a bit!

1. With Fruit

Fresh flowers and fruit display

Throughout spring and summer – and fall as well if you want to use apples – you can combine your fresh florals with fresh fruit! They make a great pairing and add some extra charm to the house. We plucked this idea from the fabulous minds at Country Living.

2. Hanging Bottles

Flowers hanging bottle vases

Canvas Pop hung some bottles and then used them as vases. Whether this is by the windowsill in the kitchen or outside on the porch, it’s a great way to evoke an eclectic sense. Grab some wildflowers and add freshness to your home!

3. Ladder Setup

Fresh flowers on ladder display

You can snag an older ladder and turn it into a funky floral display! We found this idea by scrolling through Pinterest and instantly fell in love with its charm and unique appeal. Just buy a bunch of flowers at the market and then divide them up to recreate this look.

4. Vanity Tray

Vanity tray display with fresh flowers

Even your vanity tray in the bedroom could be jazzed up a bit by some fresh flowers. We love this selection and we love how dainty the appeal is with the addition of the blooms. Check out more inspiration like this by visiting PopSugar .

5. Planter Box

Diy planter box mason jars

Consumer Crafts always has fun ideas to make the weekend a bit brighter. We’re loving this planter box project and how it’s just another great way to display flowers in the house. It’s the perfect way to dress the house for springtime.

6. Wreath

Diy fresh flower wreath

Free People has a fabulous tutorial on their site for creating this fresh petal wreath. Follow along and create something similar for your front door or even the entrance to your home office. This may be our favor way to display the blooms!

7. Dinner Table

Fresh flowers at the dinnertable

Of course decorating the dinner table with some pretty flowers is always a great way to go. We love this peek into a dining room area that we found on Pinterest and felt like it was rather fashion-forward and inspiring. We’re loving the mix of vases as well.

8. Office Desk

Fresh flowers at home office desk

Luella & June dress up their home office with some petals as well. We love how some florals can bring a greatest sense of brightness and pretty notes to the house. And that works extra well for spaces like this that need the extra bout of happy.

9. Inside a Pitcher

Fresh flowers in water pitcher

You can buy this piece from Ali Express but we really just like the inspiration it gave us. Vintage pitchers or ones that are brand new, they work amazingly as flower vases! It provides an extra sense of charm and throwback spirit that we love.

10. Garland Wall

Diy flower garland wall

Instead of grabbing a vase, why not to display your flowers on the wall like they did over at Kitchy Kitchen? You can learn how to make something similar by hopping right over. If you want extra springtime spirit or boho charm, this is your ticket to that party.

11. Near the Tub

Flowers for bathroom home design

Make bath time extra special with some tulips to highlight the bubbles. Adding flowers to the bathroom may not strike you at first, but it’s actually a really great idea. And this scene from Havenly has us thinking about how much your guests would appreciate it.

12. Foyer Scene

Fresh flowers in foyer

Greeting yourself and guests with some flowers when they walk inside the house is just another way to add extra bouts of charm. We love this rustic set up from Home NBC in particular. There are so many routes to take when it comes to styling.

13. Kitchen Sink

Fresh flowers at the kitchen sink

The kitchens ink can get a floral makeover too. Right at the window and where everyone washes their hands, add a bloom or two for some additional refreshens. This inspiration peek was brought to us by StoneGable.

14. Watering Can

Fresh flowers in watering can

Country Living gives us another great idea by adding petals to a watering can. It’s a beautiful way to add spring or summer flavor to the house. Grab an older can and upcycle it!

15. In Jars

Display flowers in jars

MSW used jars as their vases. Although this is a pretty popular idea already, it made the list because of its vintage spirit and fun effect. Outside, inside, and all around the house, it’s a very versatile way to display your flowers.

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