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15 Different DIY Shelves To Make For the House

Instead of scouring the aisles for something that fits your vision, get your hands dirty instead. If you need to find some pieces to display and organize, we’ve got the perfect list for you to peek at. Here are 15 different DIY shelves you can make for the house. Take a look at each tutorial and let us know which you decided to go with. There’s a variety of styles that work for so many different visions!

1. Crate Shelves

Diy crate shelves

Blondie Locks grabbed some crates and make this rustic-inspired shelves out of them. These are great for organizing and perfect for farmhouse homes. Put them in any room of the house too, even the bathroom!

2. Marble Hanging Shelf

Diy marble hanging shelf

A Bubbly Life is giving us new life with this gorgeous, marble hanging shelf. We love its simplicity and the fact that it’s right on trend. Hang this in your home office for a chic new accent!

3. Roped Shelf

Rope and white shelf diy

Atilio gave us a great idea. Grab a floating shelf and add a rope. It’ll keep your things in place and add an extra layer of “uniqueness” and personality to the display.

4. Lattice Shelves

Lattice house shelves

For an extra pop of color and texture, check out these charming lattice shelves. Check out all the details by visiting Francois et Moi. They’d be great for a playroom or colorful corner of the house, don’t you think?

5. Floating Copper Shelves


Vintage Revivals created some gorgeous floating shelves as well. The catch with the design is that they’re copper. This beautiful, metallic tone is unique and sets the tone for a trendy space.

6. Corner Shelves

Diy floating corner shelves

A Beautiful Mess serves up this super simple DIY for us to pocket. Do you have a corner that you need to style? Add some corner shelves and display your favs!

7. Colorblock Shelves

Diy colorblock floating shelves

White and natural wood can be such a calm and crisp color pairing. And that’s what we have here from A Bubbly Life. Take the jump and learn how to create these simple, colorblocked shelves for your home.

8. White + Copper Shelves

Modern white copper pipe shelves

A Joyful Riot has a shelf idea that combines two materials. Classic, white wood shelves and copper pipes. It’s such a funky way to provide function to the house. And it’s perfect for those that like a bit of an industrial edge as well.

9. Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Diy reclaimed wood sheles

Keeping It Cozy went with all wooden designs. These reclaimed wood pieces are perfect for displayed your dishes inside the kitchen. Makes for open shelving with a whole lot of great style!

10. Belt Strap Shelves

Leather straps hanging shelf

Do you have any extra belt straps hanging around? If you do, you could start making these cool, funky shelves from At Home In Love. For those with a more offbeat vision for the house, this is the style for you.

11. Log Shelves

Rustic log shelves

Girl Loves Glam cut some logs to make these adorable shelves. For those that need something unique in their gallery wall, check these cuties out! If you love rustic flavor, this is your jam!

12. Rope Shelves

Cords hanging shelves for kitchen

Design Sponge went with some ropes. How funky and cool is this design? It’s a great look for dorm rooms or youthful apartments as well. `

13. Wooden Box Shelf

Wooden box into a modern hanging

Brit + Co has this wooden box shelf tutorial up their sleeve as well. It’s really easy to follow, even for novice crafters! And you can change that hot pink out for any color that excites you!

14. Copper Pipe Shelves

Copper pipe shelves

Delineate Your Dwelling has some small shelf designs to take a peek at. If you don’t need them to organize, and really just need something to add to the walls, then check these out! Copper is such a great natural to add for texture and color.

15. Distressed Shelves

Diy distressed wooden shelves

And finally, we have  some mixed-material, distressed shelves to peek at. Over at Sugar and Cloth, you’ll learn all about how to make these versatile pieces come to life. Home offices, bedrooms, or even the living room, could use these!

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  1. Wonderful! Love all of these, I think my favourites are the tiny lattice houses, so pretty and perfect to display little treasures, and the corner shelves which are ideal for everything from books to pretty plants to family photos or displaying much loved collections. We have picture ledges everywhere in our home. They’re ideal for so many uses and don’t intrude much into the room so add storage without taking up valuable space. We have two in our bathroom, one is directly under a large mirror and gives me somewhere to put make up or hair items while I get ready for work and another acts as a favourite book display in our book nook 🙂 Fabulous post as always, thank you for sharing x

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