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15 DIY Business Cards To Network With

You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on fancy business cards. Instead, you may want to try creating some yourself with an extra bout of personalization attached. These 15 DIY business cards are perfect for networking with, dropping on a table, or even pinning up on a bulletin board at the local coffee shop. Sometimes it only takes one set of eyes to see your info before sparks fly. Let’s have a look!

1. Printed + Illustrated

Diy printed and illustrated business cards

If you’re extra crafty, why not add a personal touch to your printed card? Take this design that we found at Creature Comforts for example. It’s got both a business-inspired look on the front and some beautiful, illustrated artwork on the back.

2. Tie Dyed

Diy tie dyed business cards

lark&linen went with a tie-dyed look that we’re loving. Again, you’ll start off with a classic printed design. But adding the beautiful paint colors is what really amp up the finished style.

3. Charm Stamped

Diy charm stamped business cards

Oh, Hello Friend added a charm to their finished business cards. We love this for a crafty business or as a representation of a someone with an artistic side. Take the leap and check out the how these cuties were made after the jump.

4. Carnival Tickets

Diy carnival ticket business cards

The House That Lars Built made some business card “carnival tickets.” These are great for passing out at fairs, flea markets, and the like. And they’re more inexpensive as well!

5. Heart Confetti

Diy confetti business cards