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Delicious Homemade Salsa Roja Recipe

Homemade Salsa Roja tastes like the salsa from your favorite Mexican restaurant, but you can easily make this recipe at home!

Homemade salsa roja

When I think of chips and salsa one word comes to mind: addicting.

There is just something about the salty crisp chips and the acidic and flavorful salsa that just keeps us reaching back for more.

When the waiter brings out a tray of chips and salsa, I might as well say adios to the burrito I just ordered, I am about to fill up on these chips and dip – with no regrets.

Homemade salsa roja recipe

One thing, a true restaurant salsa connoisseur knows, is you can’t find good restaurant quality salsa in the grocery store. In good salsa, you can taste the tomato, the lime, the cilantro all at once. The store bought stuff… it is all old tomato flavor with a hit of vinegar. Salsa should be bright and flavorful, not acidic and heavy.

And let’s chat about texture. Real Salsa Roja is smooth and dip-able without any big chunks. It should coat the chip when dipped, not break your chip in two as you try and scoop up a chunk the size of Pluto.

Another thing this Homemade Salsa Roja has going for it, is the fact that you know exactly what went into the recipe. There are no preservatives. You don’t have to worry about canned salsa containing chemicals. It is just pure, flavorful and healthy.

Homemade salsa roja with fresh ingredients