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Creative Pregnancy Announcements for Crafty Moms-to-Be

Once they’ve recovered from the excitement of finding out they’re expecting, parents-to-be can look forward to the excitement of telling their family and friends! Seeing the looks on your loved ones faces when they hear your special news is a priceless experience.

What makes telling people you’re expecting even more fun? Doing it with a creative DIY pregnancy announcement, of course! Check out these ideas for revealing your surprise news in unique, adorable ways.

Announce it with a puzzle


Even if your puzzle is simple, your family will love putting it together to reveal the exciting news. Print, draw, or paint your message onto paper, paste it onto cardboard, and cut it into shapes! Add a box with an intriguing tag on it to make sure people are too curious to set the puzzle aside for later.(Photo source: LouBrownDesigns)

Announce it with shoes


Everyone loves shoes! Pop on your favourite pair, paint you and your partner’s birthdays on the bottom of your own, and paint your due date on the bottom of a new pair for your little one. Sit down so everyone can see the dates and snap a picture to send your friends!(Photo source: Mae Small Photography)

Announce it with a kids’ tee


Let your first child get in on the fun! Using iron on letters, heat pressed vinyl, or fabric paint, customize a t-shirt with a cute message like “Only Child, Expiring: [insert due date here]”. Kids will love being part of the announcement fun, and family will love seeing the excitement on their faces in the pictures you send out!(Photo source: PB&J Stories)

Announce it in a collage

Happy Face kid

This idea works for siblings- or parents-to-be! Sit your loved one down and take out your camera. Tell them you’re playing a little game. Ask them to make a happy face and snap a picture. Then, ask them to make an angry face. Have them keep making face, taking a picture of each one, until they’re distracted by the game. Suddenly, ask them what face they’d make if they found out they were about to become a dad, sister, brother, and so on. Snap one last picture of their reaction! Collage the pictures and share the special moment with family and friends.(Photo source: I Am Sarah’s Smile)

Announce it with a super hero


Siblings-to-be will absolutely adore this idea. Make the pregnancy announcement fun for your first child by dressing them up as a superhero for a picture. Next, make a sign that says “Every superhero needs a sidekick”. Hold it in front of your stomach and ask your kid to strike a triumphant pose, like they can’t wait to meet their new “partner in crime”!(Photo source: Infarrantly Creative)

Announce it with an Easter egg


Hatching your announcement from a pastel egg is the perfect way to announce your spring baby! Print, write, or paint your news on paper (you can choose a message or a picture). Roll it up so it fits inside a small plastic egg (these can be found at the dollar store). For extra flair, fill the rest of the egg with plastic grass, confetti, or glitter. Loved ones have to “hatch” the egg to read about your spring arrival!(Photo source: Our Family World)

Announce it with a snack


Everyone knows that pregnant women crave the craziest things! Try telling your friends and family your big news by giving them whatever you’ve been craving, but with a special note attached. If your snack of choice is Mars bars, buy one for each family member and write something fun and witty like “If I’m getting fat, so are you!”(Photo source: Craftaholics Anonymous)

Announce it with napkins


Getting your family’s reaction on video gives you something fun to look back on for years to come. Invite everyone for dinner and, before they take their seats, place custom napkins at each person’s place setting. Using iron-on letters, heat pressed vinyl, or fabric markers, make napkins that say their new titles, like “Grandma”, “Grandpa”, or “Auntie”. Have the camera rolling while everyone starts eating and enjoy their reactions as they reach for their cutlery!(Photo source: Hither and Tither)

Announce it with cupcakes


There are countless ways you could reveal your big news using cupcakes, but for your closest friends and family, making ultrasound cupcake toppers really makes them a part of he experience. Not only are you telling them you’re expecting, but you’re also letting them see Baby’s first picture right away! What’s better than following up good news with a cupcake?(Photo source: BethsCardCreations)

Announce it with a “stork delivery”


This project is the perfect play on the classic story of where babies come from! Fill a cardboard box with paper shavings that look like a nest and a sack that looks like a special bundle. Inside, include the ultrasound picture, the due date, and some baby knick knacks, like a little shoe. Post the package to your loved ones and wait to hear from them when they finally receive their special delivery!(Photo source: Kimberley Michelle)

Announce it with a “cootie catcher”


Well, people will certainly know you’ve caught the “cooties” when they read the news inside! Fold a classic cootie catcher like the ones you made in middle school. Instead of writing fortune predictions on the inside, however, write your due date. Decorate the outside and let loved ones play the game to learn about your new family member.(Photo source: About Him and Her)

Announce it with cookies


This idea is perfect for revealing your news to many people at once. Bake cookies shaped like letters to spell “I’m Pregnant!” and take them to a potluck or family dinner. Put them on the table and see who notices first!(Photo source: Strawberry’s World)

Announce it with video games


This announcement is perfect for the couple who games together! Each member of your family is a “player” (ex. Player 1, Player 2, etc.), just like they would be in a game. Customize shirts and make a sign with a partially filled loading bar, like when a game loads. Underneath, write the due date. You littlest player is still loading!(Photo source: Popsugar)

Announce it with a little bird


Okay, maybe training a real bird to deliver your pregnancy announcement is too lofty a goal. This cute project is almost as impressive, though! On a strip of material, print or paint your announcement, starting with the words “A little birdie told me…” to let the person know their new title once your baby arrives. Wrap the material around an empty wooden thread spool, tie it in place with a ribbon, and glue a pretty faux bird on top. Send one to Grandma, Grandpa, and the rest of the family with their own title in the spool!(Photo source: I Heart Nap Time)

Did you announce your pregnancy in a creative way that you don’t see here? Tell us about how you did it in the comments!

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