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15 Kids’ Crafts Made From Sticks and Twigs

When it comes to getting creative in the summer, we’re always completely happy to go along with whatever funny, unique DIY whims our kids come up with. We find that they start feeling extra creative when they have time off school to run around outside and use their imaginations, so when they suddenly come to us on a rainy day with an idea for a totally weird craft idea, we’re actually usually quite pleased to hear it.

That’s why, when our youngest came in from the backyard the other day asking if we could spend the evening “making toys out of sticks”, our answer was “of course”! We started looking for ideas immediately and we were quite pleasantly surprised with how many ideas there were out there, and not just for the kids either. We even found twig and stick based projects that we’d really like to make ourselves too!

Just in case you’re as enamoured with the idea of getting crafty as our funny little families were, here are 15 of the best DIY ideas we’ve come across so far in our search.

1. Painted horizontal twig heart mobile

Painted horizontal twig heart mobile

Our kids are huge fans of paint. They will literally paint anything and be quite happy to do so, even if it doesn’t serve a particular purpose per se. They just adore the simple process of adding colour to things! We, on the other hand, completely adore the process of turning the random things our kids have painted into art of other kinds and then putting them on display for all to see. That’s why this colourful, heart shaped painted twig mobile was the perfect collaborative art project for us. See how it’s done with malleable jewelry wire and sticks on Daily HeART.

2. Ombre painted vertical stick heart mobile

Ombre painted vertical stick heart mobile

Are you a huge fan of the idea we just showed you above but you think you might like it so much that you’d actually prefer to paint the sticks you use very carefully and create a more artistic effect than just random rainbow colours? Then maybe you (and possibly your kids, if they’re old enough to understand colour gradients) would prefer to make this ombre vertical stick heart version of the same mobile instead! Take a better look at what the subtle differences are on Helena Nord.

3. Twig and canvas trees

Twig and canvas trees

If you’re going to craft with sticks, do you think your kids would get more of a kick out of the idea of actually using those to represent… well… sticks? Then maybe some nature themed and tree inspired art would be the most ideal craft for them! We’re huge fans of the way Bunnings Warehouse got creative with different materials to create cute little canvas mounted twig trees with things like buttons and seeds as leaves.

4. Funny stick puppets with googly eyes

Funny stick puppets with googly eyes